UGC Aims To Get Foreign Faculty In Indian Universities | Here’s What All That Would Change

University Grants Commission i.e. UGC which is the controlling authority of most of the Universities in India aims to take a step ahead to introduce foreign faculty in Indian Universities. Listing out the rankings of the Indian Universities deserving to be called as the ‘World Class Universities’, the Commission now aims to hire foreign faculty to improvise the standards of higher education institutes in India. Furthermore, the entire process is still under the proposition and recommendation stage which has come across as a real turning point in the ‘Global Education System’ offered by Indian World-Class Universities under the University Grants Commission.

UGC Proposes Hiring Of Foreign Faculty For Indian Universities | Here’s How It Would Be Done

The process for hiring the foreign faculty from prestigious world-class universities from abroad for the Indian Universities to upgrade the quality of education system imparted comes with a few pros and cons. The proposition to appoint lecturers and educationists from foreign to teach in the UGC affiliated Indian World-Class Universities has been forwarded to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India. The discussion is still underway and if all goes right, the UGC has to ensure certain key factors while carrying out this recruitment process of foreign faculty in Indian Universities. UGC has to ensure that no Indian faculty hiring process and its quota shall be disrupted in any manner with the introduction of foreign faculty in the campus. The same has to be done in a supernumerary manner i.e. seats above the existing ones for the faculty position in Indian Universities under UGC.

Moreover, apart from the reservation policy, proper framework for the Institutions under UGC has to be devised. Grading of Universities by NAAC has to be carried out to list out the Universities under UGC complying with the UGC norms followed by having good past records in education followed by appealing and requisite infrastructural facility before actually appointing or hiring foreign faculty in Indian UGC affiliated Universities.

Here’s How Foreign Faculty Appointment in UGC Universities Would Change Scenario!

The appointment of foreign faculty in Indian Universities by UGC shall definitely ensure better education system, stringent rules, more discipline and overall societal change would altogether bring about an evolution in the society, for instance, better acceptance & understanding.The degree programmes though shall be the same with the existing nomenclature as decided by the UGC for a particular university, but definitely shall hold the authorities more transparent and accountable.

Once granted, the Government of India body, MHRD shall itself appoint this foreign faculty without requiring the consent of the University Grants Commission beating the conventions. This shall also ensure admission of foreign students in the ratio of 20% of above the existing seats for the domestic students in a particular course of the UGC affiliated University. The admission fee, charges and the tuition fee shall be fixed by the authorities itself.

Let us hope and pray that whatever decision by the higher authorities of Indian Education System is done, it bears fruitful results as expected!

Source : News18


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