UGC Suspends Engineering Degrees of 1.5 Lakh Candidates in India & Here’s Why

UGC has recently has suspended the engineering degrees of more than 1.5 lakh candidates pursuing engineering courses through distance education from four Universities. The list of Universities/colleges whose engineering degrees have been de-affiliated by UGC includes four colleges in India including  JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Rajasthan, Allahabad Agricultural Institute and Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation, Tamil Nadu.

The distant learning courses imparted by these technical institutes under UGC in engineering stand cancelled which means more than 1.5 lakh students who have gained employment on the basis of this degree has also been affected.

UGC Suspends Distant Engineering Degrees of 1.5 Lakh Candidates | Here’s The Story

The degrees in various fields of engineering of more than 1.5 lakh students from the aforesaid colleges have been cancelled or temporarily suspended by the University Grants Commission as a consequence of the ripple effect trickling down to the students because of the indecisive move of these technical institutes.

The aforesaid colleges violated the norms laid by UGC in the courses offered by them as the colleges kept on adding the seats and courses in various engineering disciplines without seeking approval from the AICTE which affiliates the technical institutes to impart education in the field of engineering in India. Now, the students who have already graduated or are pursuing a distant education in engineering from the colleges have lost their degrees in the course besides the placements gained by them on the basis of this degree in engineering firms.

UGC Suspends Distant Engineering Degrees Of Students | Here’s How They Can Get Reinstated

The decision of the UGC in suspending the degrees of distant engineering courses of these colleges out of the blue came as a shock to many students who are now looking for means to get their degrees validated again. Also, those who are on the verge of losing their employment with engineering firms now aim to get reinstated by any means to counter the UGC decision. University Grants Commission has now granted a compensatory move in order to get degrees of candidates re-validated by allowing the students from these institutes appear for a test in engineering which shall be designed on the lines of GATE exam. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a prestigious engineering proficiency test for the aspirants designed on the pattern of which candidates shall have to appear for another UGC exam in order to get reinstated.

Only two such attempts to clear the test shall be granted to these candidates by UGC failing which candidates shall lose their degrees forever. The aspirants also have this liberty not to appear for the test and lose their jobs and engineering degrees gained by the distant learning as per UGC norms. AICTE is now conducting data analysis and shall conduct this exam with UGC for candidates by mid-January 2018.

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