Chandigarh To Soon Get Underground Dustbins Like in Foreign Cities

Chandigarh may soon get underground bins under the smart city project. The project to lay underground bins has been raised by the UT Administration to get rid of the big green bins which are an eyesore on the city’s facet with garbage littered all around. The green bins had been installed at various places in all the sectors in Chandigarh to collect garbage but most of the times garbage is seen littered all around these big green bins which are an eyesore indeed.

Underground dustbins Project in Chandigarh

Under the smart city project Chandigarh will soon get underground bins to dispose off garbage. Till now green bins were being used in Chandigarh by the department to dispose off litter and garbage. Most of these green bins in Chandigarh are found in bad shape due to garbage littered around it. Finding this common problem an eyesore, the UT Administration has mooted out the underground bin project.

Need of underground dustbins in Chandigarh?

It was reported that the administration is planning to initiate the underground bin project to get rid of the green bins in Chandigarh. It was found that most of the times garbage is found littered around these green bins around the city. It was also reported that a lot of times stray animals (Cows and Dogs) pull the garbage bags out of bin which remains strewn over the area. To eliminate this ugly side of sanitation, and to reinforce the cleanliness in Chandigarh the administration has thought of installing underground bins by replacing the green bins.

Benefits of Underground dustbins

The underground dustbins are beneficial over the green bins that are currently being used by the residents to dispose off garbage. It was reported that the underground bins will eliminate the foul smell near the bins. The underground bin project in Chandigarh will solve the stinking problem near the bin’s surface, especially in the rainy season. It has been discovered that the underground bins systems reduce the odour and it also deters pest. With underground bins, waste will be disposed off beneath the earth’s surface which will be mostly inaccessible for stray cattle and stray dogs. Coupled with with tightly locking lids the underground bins will help to create a clean environment across different locations in Chandigarh.

Source: Indian Express


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