11 Unique Things To Gift This Diwali in Chandigarh

Diwali is the most happening festival of India and we all indulge in exchanging gifts with our loved ones on Diwali. Chandigarh too witnesses a vibrant culture for the celebrations of Diwali where gifts are exchanged between family, friends and neighbours.

People in Chandigarh always believe in sharing love, happiness and celebrating festivals together. The most common gifts that are easily found in Chandigarh markets include Cadbury chocolate packs, dry fruit trays, sweet boxes, juice packs, kurkure namkeen packs or general baskets with a mix of packed food items. But since Diwali is special, so we here at Chandigarh Metro thought about presenting you a list of some unique things that you can gift your loved ones.

  • Designer Lights or Candles (Chandeliers)

diwali-candles__1477571217_112-196-84-90How about going to your neighbours house with a pack of designer candles, scented candles or some other awesome similar thing that can be lit and spreads light. You get it in almost every market in Chandigarh and these Chandeliers make up the perfect gift for Diwali night.

The probability is high that those designer candles will be used by the person to whom who gifted it and in real meaning this is what we call spreading light and happiness. So, go for it, Chandigarh!

Available at : Almost all markets in Chandigarh.

  • Platters from Super Donuts

super-donuts-diwali-plattersSuper Donuts is one such food joint in Chandigarh that has the tastiest flavours. And for Diwali 2016, they have come up with special platters with floral takeaway boxes. A first of its kind platter collection in Chandigarh, this gift would simply be loved by anyone. Moreover, the floral box can be used as tray, makeup box, jewellery box after the tasty eatables have been consumed.

The platter box from Super Donuts contains full bakery items including – cookies, cakes, macaroons and more. The box is open from top. Range starts from Rs. 799 and these platters are available at all Super Donuts Stores in small, medium and large packs. They also have donuts special diwali packs starting from Rs. 349 that can make a unique Diwali gift in Chandigarh.

Available at : Super Donuts, Sector 8 and Sector 35.

  • 3D Printed Items

fcgnu82ib2bo7fw-large__1477721223_122-173-254-24For the people who love innovations or are tech savvy, nothing can beat this Diwali gift. 3D printing is something new in India and we have an outlet here in Chandigarh which can make any shape, size and design that you can imagine. Yes, that’s right, they can even 3D print YOU.

These things make the most unique gift for anyone and it is sure shot that anyone receiving this gift will thank you from all their heart. Being the most recent trend in the world, this is now available in Chandigarh and is taking people by craze.

Available at: Innovation Hub

  • Online Shopping Gift Vouchers

untitled2725-358x256People in Chandigarh are very choosy about their choice. But luckily here’s an option that might suit everyone in the city. Instead of spending time going to the market and then taking the hassle to choose a gift, you can simply gift online shopping vouchers. These are available with Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal or other ecommerce stores and the best thing is that person gets to choose what he would like to buy.

Although not the best option in our list but it is unique due to its digital way and can work in the best way for people in long distance relations. And han, probably ye wala gift koi aage forward bhi nai karega. They’ll use it for themselves.

  • Reliance Jio Sim

reliance-jio__1477571475_112-196-84-90We all know how trending this word is. And Chandigarh is full of people who desperately want a Reliance Jio sim due to free 4G data and free calling. After all who does not like free things. Remember people gifted onions when their prices shoot up the sky a couple of years before.

But the point here is that you’ll have to struggle to get a Jio Sim as a gift for someone. We are sure that if you are getting serious about this gift, then probably you are thinking of gifting it to your girlfriend / boyfriend. (Sahi Pakra Na!). Anyways, Happy Diwali to all would be couples but a Reliance Jio sim can seriously be a gift that the other person will remember!

  • Bouquet of Flowers

seasonal-flower-basket__1477571644_112-196-84-90Normally a gift on birthday, anniversary or similar occasion, a flower bouquet makes the most unique gift for Diwali. We guess, it should be followed in Chandigarh with a message of colorful but peaceful Diwali.

To whom so ever, you gift a bouquet on Diwali will keep it in the drawing room enhancing the look and giving more value to your gift. Just think about it Chandigarh and this would be way different and unique than those dry fruit trays or gift packs.

  • A Plant with Designer Flowerpot

diy-painted-pot-tutorials__1477571823_112-196-84-90‘Go Green, this diwali and gift your near and dear ones a plant that can make them feel fresh everytime they look to it. We heard of phrase ‘Save trees’, then why cant we gift plants, that will be surely out of the box gifts from your side to anyone. May be it give someone a moment to smile, and everytime they would look to that gift a smile will surely hit their face thinking of the moment when you have gifted the unusual gift to them. If the person is religious the gifted plant can be a ‘Tulsi’ or else the person is more into decorations, then it can be ‘good luck bamboo’.

  • Designer Wall Clock

elegant-unique-wall-clock-decoration-with-peacock-framed-design__1477571998_112-196-84-90It can be gifted to those who are never on time and this will surely be beneficial for you also. Next time if that person is late on any occasion, you can easily point out that ‘ what yaar?? after gifting such a beautiful clock, then also you cant keep your eye on time.’ May be this gift could even make your girl to come on time on a date with you. Even if your girlfriend is complaining to you that , ‘you don’t have time to spend with her’, gift her a clock by saying that ‘ from now onwards each and every second of mine is with you’.  So if you are thinking upon what to gift to someone this diwali, go and get an antique clock and gift them a precious time.

  • Designer Mirror

designer-mirror-087-b1__1477572116_112-196-84-90Gift always bring memories and mirror always witness sweet memories in it, like for the first time when your husband complimented you that today you are looking beautiful. This unique gift can be gifted to that person, who is the most beautiful person in the world for you, be it your parents, any relative or any person in the world. This diwali, market is filled with varieties of designer mirrors, just grab it and gift the beautiful by saying that, ‘you are the most beautiful person I have ever met.’ So this phrase will always make them smile whenever they will look themselves into the mirror.

  • Pizza

dominos__1477572353_112-196-84-90Ahh its too much hectic in festive season for women to clean home as well as cook. So pizza will be a relief for them, as the entire family can get over their hunger without cooking. It will definitely be one of the best gift that you can give to that person for whom you care. Though no women shows their disagreement for cooking, but really it is a big deal to cook food during festive days, when they have lot more work.

And the best part is that you make the payment at the store and for home delivery, give the address of the person whom you want to gift a pizza.

  • Spa

spa-img30__1477572476_112-196-84-90After restless days, everyone need a break and what will be better than a spa, which will surely give a sense of comfort to one’s body. So that they can regain their energy for the upcoming festivals as well. Gift- a voucher of Spa to anyone and almost everyone will love the gift and use the spa to relax after the Diwali Festival. Special people in life, need special treatment, so in this case nothing will be better than a Spa.

The Karma Effect

If you expect any of these gifts, then do believe in Karma. You get what you give. And yes, if you expect someone to gift you one of the above, do get out and gift them first. But don’t expect to receive such a gift after gifting a box of some Glucose Biscuits 😉



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