Unlike CBSE Detention Policy, ICSE Board Proposes ‘Assessment Tests’ For Students From 2018 | Know More

ICSE Board which runs parallel to the CBSE board as the education system adopted in India, has proposed and decided to impose assessment tests for students unlike CBSE’s decision of reinstating the detention policy from 2018. Drastic changes and amendments have been introduced by both the education boards of CBSE as well as ICSE for the benefit of students and improving their academic performances. The proposed amendments by CBSE & ICSE board shall be enforced and implemented from the next academic session of 2018 onwards.

Unlike CBSE Detention Policy, ICSE Board Proposes ‘Assessment Tests’ For Students | Check Details Here

No sooner than the Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE proposed to reinstate the detention policy for the students currently studying in class 5th and 8th from the year 2018 onwards, ICSE board also aimed to propose an assessment test for the benefits of students. Students studying in the Indian School Certificate Examinations Board affiliated i.e. ICSE schools shall have to appear for these assessment tests which shall test their learnability and knowledge gained in the academic year.

The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations i.e. CICSE has decided to conduct these assessment tests for the students of grades five and eight to broaden their horizons and have a test condition that they would be subjected to improve their creativity.

ICSE Board ‘Assessment Tests’ For Students – How It Would Be Implemented

The assessment tests proposed by the ICSE board running parallel with the CBSE’s decision of reintroducing the detention policy for the students studying in Class 5th and 8th shall be implemented from the year 2018 on. The implementation part and its execution shall be done by Master Trainers who would first train the teachers to make, prepare and test the students on the basis of these assessments.

The assessment tests shall be introduced in ICSE Board schools in four subjects of English, Maths, Science and Social Sciences from the year 2018 on. This shall be included as a part of the ICSE board curriculum of Class 5th and 8th students with ‘no term as board examinations.’ Students need not specially prepare for these assessment tests as the pattern shall be quite synonymous to an activity based assessment assignment to check their knowledge gained in the subject and not the rote learning. The master trainers training teachers shall have a trickling down effect on the students in testing their calibre and improving their creative skills and dexterity in the long run. The questions shall be based on real-life situations involving their curriculum concept only.

Let us hope and pray, the effect of introducing ICSE assessment tests in the Class 5th and 8th to have an impact synonymous to what the CBSE detention policy aims at, improving the skills and introducing seriousness towards studies in the minds of the students.

Source: NDTV


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