Untimely Dream – Maya : A romantic novel by Sanjeev Bansal

Sanjeev Bansal, an author from Chandigarh has come up with a romantic novel named ‘Untimely Dream – Maya’ which is a must read for those who have experienced love in their life. Although all romantic novels present a non-fiction story on love and romance between two people – neighbours, office colleagues or travellers who meet at a tourist place etc. but ‘Untimely Dream – Maya’, talks about the love of a college student. It is a true fact that the best part of a young man’s life is his college life. This novel will take you back to your own college days and make you freshen your old memories.

‘Untimely Dream – Maya’ is based on a true story and has been authored by ‘Sanjeev Bansal’ who pens down his entire love life from day 1 at college till the end.

Untimely Dream – Maya : Brief Story

Sanjeev Bansal, a student at Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan fells in love with a beautiful girl on the very first day while registration of B.Tech. The girl named “Maya” is so simple and beautiful that Sanjeev just can’t stop thinking about her. Instead of chit-chatting about her with his friends, our Sanjeev pens down her each reaction in his personal diary. He writes about how she looked, her expressions, where he saw her, her smile, her laugh but never has the guts to go and talk to her. He has a fear in his mind but his love for Maya is true and unconditional. They both meet after 7 years and what happens next is what this novel ‘Untimely Dream – Maya’ will tell you.

Sanjeev has described the way when he met Maya for the first time. There have been times when he cried a lot which have been mentioned in a sad way in the novel. Sanjeev has talked about how he celebrated Maya’s birthdays all alone. He collected gifts all through these years with a wish to give it to her one fine day.

Some questions like ‘Did Sanjeev give those gifts to Maya?’, Did Maya accepted Sanjeev’s love?’, ‘Do they both belong to the same religion or different?’, ‘Are they together now?’, ‘Does Maya also loves Sanjeev the same way Sanjeev loves Maya?’ can be best answered when you read this 236 page novel.

You can order your copy of the novel ‘Untimely Dream – Maya’ here: https://paytm.com/shop/p/untimely-dream-maya-CMPLX9789384972097_271 


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