UP Board Shocker | 5 Lakh+ Students of Class 10th & 12th Drop Out in 2018, Know Why

UP Board Class 10th & 12th students suffer a major jolt as they drop out for the upcoming session of 2018. The shocking news has come to the notice  of the UP Board taking the entire nation by storm when an approximate number of 5.5 lac students of Class 10th & 12th decided to opt out from their studies and ongoing curriculum of the Uttar Pradesh Board which holds intermediate (Class 10th) and high school exams annually.

Bagging the title of ‘World’s largest examination board’, UP board of education’s paradoxical situation has taken the student community & educationists by stride with the shocking move of students of dropping out of schools affiliated with UP board.

UP Board Class 10th & 12th Students Drop Out | Exam Reforms To Blame ?

What comes as a shock followed by the decision of students of Class 10th and 12th to opt out of the UP board examinations 2018 seems to be the latest examination reforms & code of conduct of the intermediate and high school exams of UP board. The authorities have applied stringent rules and regulations for candidates before they appear for the UP board class 10th & 12th board exams in 2018. In addition to this norm, the penalties incorporated if any candidate of UP board Class 10th or 12th is found to have flouted the norms has added fuel to the fire. This is speculated to be the main cause of the sky rocketing high rise in number of students dropping out from UP board schools for the upcoming examination session in 2018.

Recently, a copying mafia was busted which is again the speculated and most cited reason for the higher range of dropping out rate of the students of Class 10th & 12th of UP Board.

UP Board Class 10th & 12th Shocker | Here’s What Statistics Say 

Statistics have revealed that students of Class 10th & 12th of UP Board who generally opt out of the studies and board exams are found be mostly girl students which is about 30%. The worst observation of UP Board increased drop out rate of beyond normal has raised many questions and eyebrows demanding justifications from the authorities. UP Board has a procedure of accepting advanced registration of candidates who are all set to appear for the Class 10th & 12th of UP Board every year, with this years’ move of accepting registrations for intermediate & high school UP Board has the least registrations from the 2017 batch of Class 9th & 11th candidates.

More than 7 lac students dropped out last year from the UP Board and this year the number is exorbitantly up? The big question that arises is what makes these students drop out at such a crucial stage of education in their lives? Why the menace is there only in the UP Board? Why only after the crack down of the mafia for copying & impersonation, we see such a bad shocker in UP Board’s upcoming exams of Class 10th & 12th for 2018? Most important of all, who is answerable for all this ?

The Education System in India, especially in UP Board for Class 10th & 12th even after reformations is heading towards its doom if steps in the right direction are not taken at the right time !

Source : HT


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