UP Board Exam 2018 Paper Leaked | Maths & Science Question Papers Available in Market For Rs. 500 Each

UP Board Exam 2018 exam question papers leaked for Mathematics & Science subjects available for INR 500 each at photostat shops. Know details.

UP Board Exam 2018 are going on in full swing making headlines for paper leak cases encountered every now and then. With recent shocking updates available for UP Board Exam 2018 aspirants whose maths and science question papers were freely circulated has certainly caused havoc in the minds of many.  The UP board exam question papers for these subjects were available for just Rs. 500 in market places causing severe violation of code of conduct of exams.

While maths question paper was replaced with fresh ones, there was no time to carry out such a resolution with UP Science board exam 2018 papers by authorities. Know shocking details about UP Board Exam 2018 paper leak case here.

UP Board Exam 2018 | Maths & Science Question Papers Available For Rs. 500 Each

While the UP Science board exam 2018 was recently leaked, the Mathematics case is dated way back to February 13, 2018 when the Uttar Pradesh state board exams commenced shortly. The Mathematics board exam question paper made its way to a school premises two days prior to the date of scheduling the test.

A bundle of UP Maths board exam 2018 question papers was found lying in Shri Giriraj Baba Higher Secondary School in Chainpur (Mathura) region. Since ample of time was granted to the authorities, they instantaneously changed the question papers of the test to resolve the paper leak issue.

As far as UP Science board examination 2018 question paper is concerned, the same was leaked and was found lying in the photostat shops of a market place. The science question paper of UP Board exams 2018 was available for students for just Rs. 500 each which was being sold openly. This gripped many shops of the UP region Maharjganj and the surrounding districts.

UP Science Board Exam Cancelled | Maths Question Paper Changed in 2018

While a good amount of time was granted to authorities after the paper leak news of UP board Mathematics question paper was found, there was no such time available in the Science paper leak case. The authorities in order to ensure justice changed Mathematics question paper sets at various exam centres in the region, the similar trend could not be followed in Science leak case.

As the information to the UP Board about Science question paper leak case reached at around 9 pm, 12 hours prior to holding the test, the same was allowed to be conducted as planned only to get cancelled later on. The UP Board Science exam 2018 has now been cancelled and a re-examination would occur.

The UP Board Science re-exam would be held post March 12 with no more information available regarding the same citing security issues. Investigation has revealed, the same was leaked from Devlali Kanya Intermediate College and FIR has been lodged against some invigilators.

Such is the shocking condition of UP Board exams 2018 wherein four such cases have made their way in 2018. All we hope and pray is, innocent hard working lot get their due!

Source : HT


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