UPSC Might Scrap Optional Paper From 2018 | Know Major Exam Pattern Changes

UPSC is likely to introduce some major changes in the exam pattern from 2018. The Civil Services examination which is conducted every year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to recruit the top level bureaucrats of the country is likely to experience some of the major changes in the exam pattern which were proposed in August 2015. The change recommendations were out forward by the Baswan Committee and are yet to taken a final toll upon before making the changes public.

UPSC To Scrap Optional Paper & Other Changes 

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) owing to the recommendations proposed by the Baswan Committee is keen on introducing some changes in the UPSC Civil Services Examination apparently either anytime without any advance notice or from 2018. As per the official sources, the recommendations submitted have been forwarded to the Department of Personnel who are responsible for taking the final decision on the proposed changes and will thus initiate the implementation of the same.

The Baswan Committee has proposed some major changes in the UPSC Exam Pattern. The optional paper which was supposed to be attempted by the aspirants might completely be scraped. This is considered to be one huge step if implemented. Many aspirants feel that this step might act as a game changer as the marks rewarded for optional subjects makes a huge difference as some subjects have inborn advantages to being more rewarding in terms of marks.
Additionally, a reduction in the upper age limit to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Examination is in the view. The UPSC has also fixed a 7-day time frame for the students to report the mistakes which are being asked in the examination.

Pros & Cons Of Changes In UPSC Exam Pattern 

The recommendations put forward by the Baswan Committee, the UPSC has forwarded the same to the Department of Personnel awaiting their final call. The removal of the optional paper is a major reform and is likely to make a huge difference overall. The Civil Services’ aspirants feel that the optional subject removal is advantageous to the urban youngsters but the languages might loose relevance. Aspirants are likely to experience a level-playing field and cross-domain movement is likely to reduce if the recommendations in the UPSC Civil Services Exam are implied.


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