UPSC NDA NA Exam (2019) – Eligibility, Application, Syllabus, Structure & More

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts the NDA NA (National Defence Academy Examination/Naval Academy) Examination every year. UPSC conducts the NDA NA Exam twice in a year. All the 12th pass candidates can apply for the NDA NA Exam. 12th class is the minimum educational qualification to fill the application form for the NDA NA Exam. Candidates can either go for the Army Wing of the National Defence Academy or the Air Force and Naval Wings of National Defence Academy. There is also a 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme.

UPSC NDA NA Exam I 2019

In the year 2019, the Union Public Service Commission released the official notification for the NDA and NA Exam in the month of January. Official notification was released on 9th January. The process of filling the application form also started on the same date. The last date to fill the application form was 4th February 2019. UPSC will conduct the examination on 21st April 2019 and for that the admit cards are available on the official website. Candidates can download the admit cards till 21st April 2019.

UPSC NDA NA Exam II 2019

As of now, Union Public Service Commission has only released the notification for the NDA NA I exam and for which the procedure is over. The exam will be held in April 2019. UPSC will release the notification for the NDA NA Exam 2019 II in the month of August. The exact date is 7th August 2019. The procedure of filling the form for the NDA NA Exam 2019 II will begin from 7th August 2019 while the last date is 3rd September 2019. The NDA NA II exam will be held on 17th November 2019. The admit cards for the exam will be released in the last week of October.

Education Qualifications For NDA NA Exam

The minimum education qualification for the Army Wing of National Defence Academy is 12th Class Pass from the recognized state board or University. For the Air Force and Naval Wing of National Defence Academy and for the 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme, the minimum education qualification required for NDA NA Exam is 12th Class with Physics & Mathematics. The candidates who are appearing in the 12th class can also apply for the exam.

Application Fee For the NDA NA Exam 2019

The application fee for the NDA NA Exam 2019 form is Rs 100. This application fee is only for the candidates who belong to the General Category and OBC category. There is no fee for the candidates belonging to the SC/ST category. The candidates can pay the examination fee via online and offline mode. If the candidates wish to proceed with the offline mode then they will have to generate a Challan for the same. The payment of fee except the mentioned mode will not be accepted by the commission. The fee once paid by the candidates will not be refunded back in any circumstances

UPSC NDA NA Exam Admit Cards

Union Public Service Commission released the admit cards for the NDA NA Exam 20 days before the commencement of the examination. When the UPSC released the admit cards a special notification is also released in which the details are mentioned. The candidates will have to download their admit cards from the official website i.e No, admit cards will be sent separately by post to any candidates.

After downloading the admit card for the exam candidates need to take a print out of the same. The candidates are advised that they should take 4-5 print out of the admit cards for future reference too. In the admit cards of the NDA NA Exam if the photo is not clear, then there is no need to panic. In this case, please carry 1 identical photograph along with the print out at the time of examination.

To avoid last minute rush, candidates are advised to take out the print out of the admit card of UPSC NDA in advance and don’t wait for the last date. In case of any discrepancy noticed in the admit cards, the candidates can communicate to the commission via email. The Commission will take the decision in the matter.

UPSC NDA Exam Timings & Prohibited Items

The entry to the examination hall or the examination venue where the UPSC NDA Exam is going to be held will be closed 10 minutes before the commencement of the examination. As there are two papers, the first one will be held in the morning session while the second one will be held in the evening session. The entry to the examination hall for the Paper 1 will be closed at 9:50 am while for the second session, the entry will be closed at 1:50 pm. Candidates won’t be allowed to enter the examination hall after the closure.

Candidates are advised to cross-check the examination centre in the admit card and also visit the exam centre once one day before the exam. Applicants will not be allowed to enter any other examination venue except the venue mentioned in the admit cards.

Candidates are advised that on the exam day bring a Black Ball Point pen along with them as this is to be needed to fill the attendance sheet and the OMR sheet. In the examination hall where the NDA NA Exam is held, candidates are not allowed to carry a mobile phone even in switch on or switch off mode or any other electronic equipment. Other items that are prohibited to carry are pen drives, camera, smart watches or any other Bluetooth devices.

If any candidates is found with any of the prohibited items than his/her candidature will be canceled and also get the debarment from the future examination of UPSC. Candidates can use a simple wrist-watch in the examination hall. Other valuable, costly items and bags are not allowed in the examination venue.

Special Instructions To Candidates Appearing in the UPSC NDA Exam, NA Exam

Clipboard or the hardboard of good quality is allowed in the examination centre. Black ballpoint pen is also allowed in the exam hall for marking answers in the answer sheet. The Answer sheet and the sheet for the rough work will be given by the invigilator. Candidates are advised not to carry books, loose sheets, electronic devices, calculators, log tables, maps stencil, test booklets in the examination hall.

Don’t attempt any wrong answer as a wrong answer can lead to negative marking. There will 4 choices of each question and candidates will have to choose the right answer. As a penalty for the wrong answer 0.33 marks will be deducted. Don’t mark more than one answer. If this happens, the question is treated as wrong and there will be a penalty. If the candidates left the question blank, then there will be no negative marking.

Candidates appearing the UPSC NDA NA Exam are advised not to copy from any other candidates. Applicants will be penalized if they create a nuisance, misbehavior in the examination hall. Only use a black pen to write Centre and subject on the answer booklet. There will be a separate space on the answer booklet for mentioning the series of paper. Only write those things which are asked on the sheet. Don’t write anything else, for example, phone number, name, etc.

Vacancies Under UPSC NDA NA Exam

Each time when the Union Public Service Commission released the notification for the NDA & NA Exam there are different vacancies. The vacancies are to be filled in the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme). This year for the NDA NA Exam I 2019, there are total 392 vacancies out of which 342 vacancies are for the National Defence Academy. Under the Naval Academy, there are 50 vacancies. For the NDA NA II exam 2019, the vacancies will be announced when the notification is released. The vacancies keep changing but it always remain under 1000.

UPSC NDA NA Exam – Scheme of Examination

Union Public Service Commission conducts the National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination in two papers. The first paper is of Mathematics and the second paper is of General Ability Test. The duration of the Mathematics and General Ability Test is 150 minutes each. The maximum marks of the Mathematics Paper are 300 while the maximum marks of the Paper 2 are 600. In total, the exam is of 900 marks. After that, if the candidates clear the paper 1 and 2, then he/she will be called for the SSB Interview which is also of 900 marks.

The paper of UPSC NDA NA exam will have objective type questions. The candidates will have to choose the right answer from the options of 4 answers. In both the papers, the questions will be in English and Hindi languages. The candidates will have to write their paper by their own hands, No candidate will be allowed the help of a scribe to write answers. Use of Calculator or Mathematical or logarithmic table for answering objective type is not allowed.

UPSC NDA NA Exam Paper – Syllabus of Examination (Paper 1)

The paper 1 in the NDA NA Exam is of Mathematics. The maximum marks in this paper are 300. The Mathematics Paper will have questions from

1) Algebra: Sets, Venn Diagrams, Cartesian product, Relation, Real Numbers, Complex Numbers, Binary System of Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Linear Equations, Binomial Theorem, and Logarithms.

2) Matrices & Determinants: In this section of the NDA paper, there will be questions from Matrices, Types of Matrices and Operations on Matrices, Adjoint & Inverse of Square Matrices, Solution of System of Linear equations, Cramer’s Rule & Matrix Method.

3) Trigonometry: In this section, there will question based on Trigonometry which includes – Angles & their measures in degree & radian, Trigonometric ratio, Trignometric formulae for sum & difference, Multiple & Sub-Multiple angles, Inverse trigonometric functions, Height, distance, properties of the triangle.

4. Geometry: Cartesian Coordinate System, Distance Formula, Equation of Line, Angle between two lines, Distance of point, equation of a circle, Parabola, Eclipse & Hyperbola, point in 3D space, a distance between two points, the equation of two points, sphere and angle between two planes and lines.

5. Differential Calculus: Concept of real valued functions, graph functions, inverse functions, Standard limits, continuity of functions, Derivative of a function at a point, Derivative of sum, product & quotient of functions, Second order derivate, increasing/decreasing functions, maxima and minima.

6. Integral Calculus & Differential Equations: integration by substitution, standard integrals involving in algebric expressions, trigonometric exponential & hyperbolic functions, degree of differential equations, general and particular solution of a differential equation, first order and first degree differential equations, Growth, and Decay.

7. Vector Algebra: 2, 3 dimensions vector, direction & magnitude of vector, Unit & Null vector, addition of vector, scalar & dot product of a vector, vector product & cross product, Applications of Vector, etc.

8. Statistics & Probability: Stat, classification of data, frequency distribution, cumulative frequency distribution, Histogram, Pie Chart, frequency polygon, Measure of Central Tendency, Mean, Median & Mode. Variance, standard deviation, correlation & regression. Random Experiment, Outcomes, Sample Space, Events, Union of Event, Intersection of an event, Elementary theorem, Simple problem, Conditional Probability, Bayes Theorem, Binomial Distribution, etc.

UPSC NDA NA Exam Paper – Syllabus of Examination (Paper2)

The paper 2 in the NDA NA Exam is of English & General Knowledge. The maximum marks in this paper are 200 for English and 400 for General Knowledge which means total 600 marks.

Syllabus for English Paper in NDA NA Exam: The questions in the Engish paper of the NDA NA exam will test the candidates understanding of the language and use of words. The questions in this paper will be of Grammer & Usage, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Cohesion in the extended test which will test the applicant proficiency in English.

Syllabus for General Knowledge Paper in NDA Exam: In the general knowledge section there will be 6 different parts. The first part is Section A which is of Physics. In this sections, there will be questions from the physics which includes the Physical properties and state of matter, Mass, Volume, Density, Weight, Gravity, Principle of Archimedes, Barometer pressure, Motion, Velocity, Acceleration, Newton Law, Motion, Force, Momentum, Work, Power, Energy, Heat, Temperature, Sound, Light, Reflection, Human Eye, Magnet. Static & Current Electricity, Conductors, Ohm’s Law, Cells, X-Rays, Working of Pendulum, Thermos Flask, Cooker, Levers, Balloon, Telephone, Compass, Periscope, Telescope etc.

Section B of the G.K paper of NDA NA Exam will have questions of Chemistry. In this section of NDA Paper will have questions based on Physical & Chemical Changes, Compounds, Mixture, Symbols, Formulae, Chemical Equations, Properties of Water & Air, Law of Chemical Combination. Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon preparation and their properties. Acid, Bases, Oxidation, Reduction, Salts, Artificial & natural fertilizers, Material used for making soap, Paper, Cement Paints etc. Atom, Atomic equivalent weight, and Molecular Weight and Valency.

Section C of the GK paper of NDA will have questions based on General Science. This section will have questions from living and non-living things and differences, Cells and Protoplasms, Tissues, Growth and Reproduction in Animals and Plants, Human Body and its knowledge, Important organs in Body, epidemics and its causes and prevention. Foos, Balanced Diet, Solar System, Meteors, Comets, Eclipses etc.

Section D of the question paper of NDA Exam will have questions based on History, Freedom movements, etc. There will be questions from Indian History, Culture & Civilisation. Freedom Movement in India, Indian Constitution, Five-year Plans in India, Panchayati Raj, Bhoodan, Basic Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Cooperatives and Comunity Development. Renaissance, Exploration & Discovery, Industrial Revolution, Russian Revolution, French Revolution, Panchsheel, Democracy, Socialism & Communism, Role of India in World, etc.

Section E of the question paper of NDA Exam will have questions based on Geography. This section will have questions from Earth, Shape & Size, Latitudes, Concept of time, Longitude, Origin of Earth, Rocks and its classification, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Ocean Currents, Tides Atmosphere, Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Winds, Cyclones, Humidity, precipitation, condensation, etc. This section will also have questions based on the regional geography of India which includes, Climate, Vegetation, Power and Mineral resources, Industrial and agricultural activities, Sea ports, Air routes in India and import & export.

Section F of the GK Paper of NDA Exam will have questions based on the current events. This section of the paper of the NDA exam will be based on current happenings in the country and recent years happenings, world events, Indian and international events including sports.

* In part B of Paper 2, the maximum marks are 400. The marks are divided as 25% to the Section A, 15% to the section B, 10% to the Section C, 20% to the Section D, 20% to the Section E and 10% to the section F respectively.

How To Apply For UPSC NDA NA Exam

When the official notification for the UPSC NDA NA Exam is released the application process also started on the same date. The candidates who are eligible for the examination can fill the form for the exam on the official website. Every time when the form filling process starts candidates can fill the form in the website or on the Before filling the application form candidates must read the important instructions for filling the application form.

All the details to fill the form for UPSC NDA and NA exam availed by the UPSC on the official website when the process starts. There are two parts of filling the application form i.e Part 1 and Part II. During the application form, filling process candidates must have the photo and signature duly scanned in the jpg format.

Step By Step Process To Fill UPSC NDA NA Exam Application Form

1. The first step is to visit the official website of Union Public Service Commission i.e or the
2. Now on the home page of the UPSC website click on the Examination Tab and then click on the Active Examinations.
3. If the application is active then the name of the examination will be displayed here. The next step is to click on the apply now button.
4. Fill all the details in the application form and then pay the application fee. Without the payment of the application fee, the form will not be accepted and it will be rejected. At the time of filling the application form, candidates make sure that they should provide the correct information.
5. After the whole procedure or the application process submit the application form. For your future reference, you can also take the print out of the application form.

* Before filling the application form for the UPSC NDA Exam 2019, candidates must check the eligibility criteria and if eligible then fill the form. 

UPSC Withdrawal of Application Form

Every time when the Union Public Service Commission invites application form for any of the exams it also mentions a period in which the candidates who apply for the exam can withdraw the application form. Same is with teh NDA Exam and NA Exam of UPSC. The withdrawal window of application form opens after few days closing of the filling of form. In this time period candidates who don’t want to appear in the exam can withdraw their application form. Union Public Service Commission gives 7 days time period to withdraw the applications.

Before applying for the withdrawal of the application form candidates must read the instructions carefully and then fill up the withdrawal form. All the candidates who don’t want to appear in the exam will have to provide all the details of the registered application along with the registration id. Registration ID is the same which was completed and submitted finally. The incomplete forms can’t be withdrawal.

Before making a request for the withdrawal of the application form candidates make sure that they have access to the registered mobile number and the email id. This is same which was used for the registration of the UPSC NDA NA Exam. Union Public Service Commission will send an OTP on the mobile number and email ID. Candidates will have to confirm by validating the OTP details which were sent on the candidate’s mobile number and Email ID. The OTP is valid for 30 minutes.

In any case, if the applicant has submitted more than one application form then only the higher registration Id of the application (means the latest) will be considered for the withdrawal and all other applications will be treated as canceled. Candidates must take a print out of the receipt. The canceled application form will not be revived in the future.

Once the withdrawal of the application form is successful an auto-generated email and SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number and email Id. In any case, if the candidate doesn’t submit the request of withdrawal of application then he/she can contact UPSC via email. In the case of successful withdrawal of applications, there is no provision of refund of application fee by the Union Public Service Commission.



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