UPSC Official Website Was Hacked For Hours | Know What Exactly Happened

UPSC Official Website: The official website of Union Public Service Commission was hacked for a few hours yesterday. It seems Hackers have now aimed at the official website of UPSC for the Civil Service Recruitment date and more. Although UPSC has been ongoing with the recruitment process for multiple posts in various department, on the other hand, hackers have an eye on it for the year 2018.

Union Public Service Commission use to conduct the Civil Services recruitment exam every year for various Govt Departments. Although reports have stated that the official website of UPSC was hacked but restored soon.

UPSC Official Website hacked, Restored Later 

The official website of Union Public Service Commission i.e was hacked for few hours on 11 September 2018. In the morning time, the UPSC website showed Doremon (cartoon character) and an image of the heart. The incident came into light when some of the UPSC aspirants started posting the same on the social media at midnight. Some tweeted that ‘UPSC Website is hacked with a Doraemon video! IndiaCERT should act on it immediately! National shame’.

Although after few hours, UPSC’s official website got restored in the morning hours. According to the Union Public Service Commission, unlike all other government websites, the content and other stuff on the official website have been managed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). Although no statement regarding the hacking has been made by any of the UPSC officials.

It’s Not 1st Incident of UPSC, Earlier As well the hackers have done this

Although the Union Public Service Commission is not the first Government body, who has faced the hacking of the official website. Earlier in the month of April as well, the official website of the Supreme Court was also targeted by the hackers for few hours. For sure these incidents have put a question mark on the safety of the public and private firm over the internet.

Now, UPSC aspirants can now apply for the posts for the year 2018 via the online application. For much more recruitment 2018 and 2019 updates keep a tap on the official website of UPSC.


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