UPSC Recruitment 2018 – Govt to Change Certain Things for Civil Services Exam | Check New Changes

Central Government of India has been planning to implement new changes in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Recruitment process from 2018 onwards. Although these steps will be implemented during the allocation of the candidates who have successfully passed the UPSC exam 2018. As of now, UPSC is all set to conduct the Prelims exam for the year 2018 on 3 June.

The step regarding the changes has been taken to put the proper candidates on work for the country including departments like – Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS) & Indian Forest Service (IFoS). Check out the new changes to be implemented by the Government regarding the UPSC Recruitment from 2018 onwards here.

New changes for UPSC Recruitment 2018 by Govt

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has checked the recruitment process of Union Service Public Commission (UPSC) for the year 2018 and prosed certain changes in the way candidates choose IAS or IPS services. Now Central Government has been forcing some new process into the Recruitment process from 2018 onwards. As of now, UPSC candidates have to go through three phases – Preliminary exam, Mains exam & then interview. After this, the candidates have to go through 3 months of foundation course to be at any post in the Union Public Service Commission.

As of now, the candidates are allocated positions before the start of the foundation course. But as per recent reports, PMO has asked the departments to change the same & allocate the positions to candidates after the completion of UPSC Foundation course of 3 months. Another major change is that candidates must be allocated by examining them through the foundation course as well.

It seems it’s going to get tougher for the candidates to get to the any of the posts under Union Public Service Commission from 2018 onwards.

How UPSC Recruitment will be done as per new changes

Prime Minister’s Office has asked the different departments to examine the candidates of UPSC throughout their journey & then allocate them to a suitable position. Although the suggestions have been asked from the departments so as to apply the same from next year. After the implementation, the departments will look on to the weightage of performance by the candidates during the foundation course after which the allocation process will begin.

UPSC Civil Services Exam prelims 2018 is all set to be conducted on 3rd June and we wish all candidates all the very best for the same.


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