Useful Tips for Traveling to Miami Beach

There are no doubts that Miami is one of the brightest and the most beautiful places in the USA. It is full of impressive beaches, tasty food, and bright attractions. This is a right place for newcomers and experienced travelers who come to visit Miami every year because of a pleasant weather and year-round summer. However, you need to do a few things before you go. Of course, MIA car rentals can solve your problem with a good car. You can compare prices and pick the worthiest variant among the variety of cars. But still there are many things you should know.

Travel Tips for Perfect Miami Beach Trip

1. Find the best auto deal

When it comes to transportation you can try to get to Miami Beach by train, bus or plane. Of course, rental car is more preferable at a time when the bus is the cheapest variant. Anyway, everything depends on where you live. Sometimes it is more comfortable to get to Florida by plane and rent a car in the airport or nearby location. Do you want to make your rental car even cheaper? You can try to get discount coupons or buy AAA membership or student identification.

2. Drive carefully

Do you know that Florida drivers are considered the worst in the USA? They are known as careless and inattentive drivers. Thus, don’t expect they use blinkers, or keep the road rules. Sometimes, they can be rude and nervous. So, if you don’t have enough experience in driving, it is better for you to use Uber.

3. Call Uber for help!

Uber drives you where you want even at night. It is rather popular kind of transport for tourists and locals. Sometimes, it is because you want to drink something in the night club and not ready for driving after that. Sometimes, it is because you are afraid of crazy local drivers.

4. Find the best place to eat

Sure enough, Miami Beach is full of the tastiest and exotic dishes you always wanted to try. Of course, it is not a problem to find one on your taste. If you have no time and want to eat fast and tasty, you can follow these advices. Here are 3 interesting restaurants where you can find a tasty meal for cheap. 

Visit Giotto Maestro Della Pizza to try Italian cuisine. This place is a well-known family eatery. You can come here for lunch or coffee. What is more, the menu prices are more than friendly. Your dinner will cost you about $5 to $15.

The next place you are recommended to visit in Miami is La Sandwicherie if you are looking for fast and cheap food. Nevertheless, the food is tasty and always fresh. The menu consists of many different sorts of sandwiches, including the most popular ham sandwich and the roast beef. The price for your dinner here starts from $20.

There is one more place you should visit. It is called Ola at the Sanctuary. The restaurant offers American cuisine and the price for your dinned can be up to $30-50. Tacos, oysters are available.

5. You can’t buy alcohol after midnight

Traveling in a company, you can walk along the beach and arrange a picnic beach party. Keep in mind that all sorts of alcohol like beer, wine, liquors are not sold after midnight. The only place where you can buy alcohol is a night club, restaurant or a hotel bar.

6. Try to pay with your smartphone

If you want to stay in bed for long and don’t want to go out of your room early in the morning to pay for a parking ticket, you can pay online. All you need is to download the app. It is really time-saving. It’s not only about parking. It’s about everything you can pay for from your smartphone. You can pay for parking, restaurants, transportation with the help of your phone.

7. Don’t pack rain boots

The weather in Miami is sunny. But if it comes rain, you shouldn’t wear the rain boots. You can come out with you flip flops! The rain is not long and heavy here. Locals know about their crazy weather and don’t wear rain boots for not to look funny in a minute when the sun comes back.

You may have your own tips how to survive in a place you’ve never been before. But reading feedbacks and searching for useful information may be very helpful. How? You can learn more about the new way of life, interesting places, shops, worthy restaurants. You should not stay in the hotel at your own risk. It is better to trust to reliable information and contact to experienced travelers. These tips can make your Miami trip more interesting and safe. It’s ok to read guides. You have a chance to check these given advices by practice.


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