Uttarakhand River Rafting Ban | Effects, Notice & Policies of State Govt.

After HC's ban on water sports in Uttarakhand, here are the state govt.'s policies as well as its effects on the rafting industry.

In a recent move, the High Court passed a decision to ban all the water sports in the Uttarakhand rivers which had a great impact on not only the water sports lovers but largely on the Uttarakhand rafting Industry as well. This passed decision by the High Court is likely to have far-reaching implications on the adventure tourism sector of the Uttarakhand state.

This ban has been formulated by the High Court following an order stated on June 18, 2018, where the High Court had directed the State Government in order to prepare a transparent policy in the context of the transparent policy which needs to be prepared within a time span of two weeks for all the water sports, white river rafting as well as paragliding.

State Govt. To Prepare Policies for U’Khand Water Sports in 2 Weeks 

The Uttarakhand High Court has banned the paragliding, white water river rafting as well as other different kinds of water sports, the decision for which was passed on Monday but the written effect on the same was issued on Thursday that is June 21, 2018. The HC ban on the water sports in Uttarakhand has been following a PIL which was filed back in 2014 which stated that the private operators of the water sports and rafting busines in the Uttarakhand waters were known to flout norms.

A time period of two weeks has been provided to the State of Uttarakhand in order to form the suitable legislations in context for the regulations for the water sports, river rafting, paragliding and a lot more as well as the policies. A two-judge bench has provided the Uttarakhand State Government a time period of two weeks to form a transparent draft policy and after then only, the HC ban shall be uplifted.

U’Khand Water Sports Ban | Rafting Industry Suffers 

The High Court’s ban on the Uttarakhand’s water sports is definitely going to have far-sighted effects on the rafting industry of the state. As many as 8,000 people are linked to the rafting business and will be directly facing the adverse consequences of the ban. Currently it is an 80 crore industry and the contract is extended on yearly basis.


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