Vaping Myths And Non-Myths: What Experts Have To Say About Dry Herb Vaporizers

With so much information about vaping dry herbs and concentrates, it’s easy to befall a website or social media post that carries non-scientifically verified information about cannabis products. 

Check out and review this list of verified facts against mere hear-say about cannabis and vaping. 

Myths And Non-Myths About Cannabis 

Myth: Vaping E-Cigarettes Is Just As Safe As Vaping Dry Herbs 

Let’s qualify this. Vaping in itself is a practice that’s safer than “smoking” because it does not combust any product, whether tobacco, dry herbs, and/or concentrates of either one. The absence of combustion means that you lower the likelihood of letting toxic chemicals intermingle and enter your bodily systems. 

Against this background, vaping E-juices with nicotine is completely different from vaping cannabis concentrates and dry herbs. E-cigarettes and similar alternatives in vape-form contain not only nicotine, but tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and benzyne. Even formaldehyde, in others. 

Although e-cigarettes have less than 7,000 toxic chemicals compared to smoking tobacco, they still contain at least 10 that are extremely hazardous to your health. Not to mention how many of its chemicals, once disseminated from the vaporizer, actually create new, just-as-toxic ones. 

Fact: Vaping Dry Herbs Has More Flavour Than Burning Them 

This is oh so true. Hemp and marijuana fans, at least, those who have been used to smoking them before switching to vaping, are mostly not aware that this practice actually affects the flavour of said strains of cannabis. This is because it “burns” its terpenes, causing them to change in chemical composition. And thus, in their aroma as well.

Some say that they appreciate the “burnt” smell which arises from this process. However, if you want a good dose of that potent aroma of cannabis, choose to vape instead. 

Myth: Smoking Cannabis Means Higher Potency 

This one’s not at all true. First, the “potency” of marijuana largely depends on its cultivation as well as on its strain-category. Second, smoking dry herbs equate to burning the product, ergo, burning some of its elements (and release chemicals that may not blend so well with its natural flavour). This implies that it slightly changes its potency as well. 

A challenge you can avoid with a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. 

Fact: Vaping Takes Practice And Familiarity 

Electronic vaporizers have trimmed down on the wastage which burning produces. At least, when it comes to cannabis dry herbs. They have also made it convenient and possible to monitor the heating temperature you utilize in every draft. 

However, it will take a bit of practice and an understanding of what your preferred vaping temperature and intensity is. It isn’t rocket science, as the cliche goes. But you’ll need to learn about cannabis strains, cannabis product potency, and how temperature relates to vaping intensity. 

It may sound like a lot, but it isn’t. Trust us. Again, familiarity with vaping cannabis is key. Your first few vaping sessions will already be your point of reference. Simply follow these guidelines (as well as that of your vape’s manufacturer’s instructions), plus go back to our other tips on vaping, and you’ll be vape-pro in no time.


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