Varun Khanna Changed The Landscape Of Sports Nutrition In India

Fast&Up, a brand that has created buzz in the sports world for providing best quality nutrition supplements in the Indian Market. Co-founded by Varun Khanna and Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, Fast&Up is India’s premier daily nutrition for an active living.

His sheer passion for inventing useful and sustainable products for citizens of the nation has helped him manufacture phenomenal products which are also helping many athletes that are competing worldwide.

At Fast&Up, the vision is to cater best nutrition to the athletes of India by providing best of the best products at par with international standards. The dual strength of Mr. Vijayraghavan Venugopal and Mr. Varun Khanna has been instrumental in building Fast&Up and making giant strides of success since the brand’s inception in 2015.
With an experience of more than a decade in the field of healthcare, Khanna has worked diligently to bring healthy products to India that would cater to every active Indian, especially athletes.

Since Vijay and Varun, both are active individuals, they know the importance of hydration and proper nutrition. They were aware of the lack of quality nutrition supplements in country, and believed that the consumer would soon realise this too. Hence, Fast&Up, a premier Swiss nutrition brand was brought to India.
Fast&Up is daily nutrition for an active you which provides a wide array of products that help to ace your sport and excel in your everyday active life. It is perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. And although there is constant growth in the consumer chart, both Vijay & Varun believes its just the beginning.

As of today, Varun Khanna & Vijayraghavan Venugopal have reached more than thirty million people in India with Fast&Up.

Varun is fully confident that Fast&Up will soon cover the international market too with Fast&Up being launched in more than 10 countries globally. The plans that are laid for products in coming 15-18 months look very interesting and the team is excited to see how things go from here.


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