Vegetable Prices in Chandigarh are Touching the Sky & Here’s Why

If you have recently gone through experience of purchasing vegetables from a vendor in Chandigarh, you must have noticed the steep increase in the cost of almost every vegetable. Or else, if you are someone like me, who has never purchased vegetables and has no idea of how much does a kilo cost, this post will definitely give you a good idea.

Normally, the price of vegetables is a ladies talk but this topic has become one of the trending topic in Chandigarh as the prices of vegetables are increasing like anything. If you buy vegetables from a street hawker, go to weekly apni mandi nearby your sector or go to the main sabzi mandi in Chandigarh, the prices are surely sky rocketing. We have compiled the prices of some common vegetables and listed them in order of normal price, last week price and the current price.

Tomatoes which normally cost Rs. 15 to 20 per kg were selling for Rs. 30 to 40 last week and have now reached Rs. 60-70 per Kg. Similarly prices of cauliflower have reached Rs. 50 per kg. Garlic which normally costs Rs. 80 is now selling at Rs. 140 per kg. Prices of capsicum have also doubled from Rs. 40 to Rs. 80. Prices of summer special vegetables like cucumber, bottle ground, pumpkin, ladyfinger etc. have also gone up many folds.

Not just vegetables, but the prices of fruits as well as pulses have also shot up.

Reason behind Price Increase?

It is not the farmers who control the prices of vegetables. The main reason behind such an increase in vegetable prices is the weather. Pre-monsoons come every year but these untimely rains have ruined a lot of fields of vegetables resulting in low produce. Not able to meet the demand of Chandigarh residents, the prices have gone up. Transportation is also a factor for these high prices.

If vegetable realtors are to be believed, then the situation would continue for around a month.

So, what are you cooking today?

Or… these high prices might motivate you to diet!


Ajay Deep

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