Velvet Caviar iPhone 12 Mini Case Review

It’s that time of the year when Apple fans are whirring with excitement and craving to feed their inner tech-savvy soul. Our eyes are peeled on the latest updates as the iPhone 12 launch announcement has finally drawn in close. Soon enough, the iPhone 12 will be the talk of the town and we already know the next new Apple device will blow us all away with an improved design, innovation, and spectacular specs.

One of the more exciting news from the upcoming lineup is the new Apple iPhone 12 mini. The smaller iPhone 12 mini is expected to be an affordable option at only $649. This is $50 less than the iPhone 11. It is also rumoured to have a 5.4-inch OLED screen and will come in fun colors.

Sounds super exciting already! And how can we forget the all-new collections of phone cases for the brand new iPhone 12? Well, Velvet Caviar has already stepped into the picture with its stunning iPhone 12 mini case collection.


Anyone who’s planning to get their hands on the new iPhone 12, will also need a phone cover that protects their device from day one. After all, every phone is prone to dropping and shattering and we don’t even want to fathom that.

Velvet Caviar has a record for creating sleek and stylish cases with adequate protection. Their cases are generally able to withstand an 8 feet drop. Without being hardcore armour cases, Velvet Caviar covers are reasonably strong and protective during the day to day activities and even minor accidents. Plus, they fit the phone like a glove-adding almost no additional bulk to it.

The material used is TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane, which is known for being extremely durable and shockproof. It basically combines hard plastic with soft silicone, making your iPhone 12 mini case lightweight yet tough. With additional bumpers on the sides, there is even more protection.


If there’s one aspect where Velvet Caviar truly shines, it’s their aesthetically pleasing designs. And there is such a huge variety of stunning covers- it gets hard to pick just one. You can find floral, marble, neon, glitter, holographic, faux fur, animals, and clear cases with lots of variations. They even have charging cases and wallet ones. The overall style of their cases ranges from funky and retro to understated and glamorous.

For anyone looking for a trendy and fashionable iPhone 12 mini case, Velvet Caviar is their place to be.

The ‘Opal Flakes’ case exudes classiness and bling. While the best-selling ‘Holo Moonstone’ marble case is an eye-catcher. And there are clear cases with minimal designs for those who want to flaunt their new iPhone.

Covering the style needs of every customer, Velvet Caviar also has an iPhone 12 mini case collection for men. When it comes to appealing designs that also maintain the phones’ sleekness without making it bulky, their cover collection is a winner.


Many cases that are very attractive or protective come with a huge price tag. However, the iPhone cases by Velvet Caviar have an average price-point of 30 dollars. This is quite affordable considering the level of protection and style the brand is offering.

One more factor to appreciate is that you can choose ‘any’ design you want and it will fall at the same price. So there’s a lot of freedom in picking your favourite one with ease, knowing it will cost only $30, and even less during sale season.

The cases also feel very premium and luxurious making their cases very budget-friendly.

Final thoughts

Velvet Caviar is a reliable brand when it comes to phone covers. Their designs stand out and are exceptionally modern-this is where the cases truly shine. They also have gorgeous pop sockets and AirPods cases that one can match with their phone case.

Getting a new iPhone 12 mini case? Velvet Caviar is dropping their collection and its’ unquestionably going to have the coolest cases for you. 


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