You Can Now Verify Your Mobile Number & Email for Aadhar Card Online – Here’s How

It is mandatory now to verify your mobile number and email for Aadhaar Card online. Yes, that’s right! If you are not confirmed whether the mobile number you gave at the time of filling up your Aadhaar application form is correct or you have changed your mobile number and the email IDs, then this article is surely for you as by reading it, you will get to know what are the process of registering and verifying your mobile number and the email ID in your Aadhaar card.

To verify your mobile number and the email ID one has to go to the UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India website where you can very easily get the work done you in a hassle free manner. For that, you just have to provide your correct mobile number and email ID with the OTPs that you will receive on your registered mobile number and your verification will be done.

Apart from this, the government of India has also made Aadhaar-PAN linking mandatory for filing the income tax returns (ITR) from this financial year. To file your ITR, August 31 is the last day and if you have not linked your Aadhaar card with your PAN then your ITR return will not be processed.

Steps to verify your mobile number in Aadhaar Card 

To verify your mobile number in the Aadhaar Card, you will have to first visit the UIDAI website homepage and click on the link ‘Verify Email/Mobile Number’ on the right hand side. Now fill in your Aadhaar number followed by your mobile number and security code on the Aadhaar verify mobile UIDAI website. Proceed by clicking on the link ‘Get One Time Password’ after which you will receive and SMS on your registered mobile number that will carry your Aadhaar mobile verification code. Now enter the one time password or the Aadhaar mobile verification code in the OTP field. Click on the verify OTP button after which you will see a message on your computer screen saying  ‘Congratulation your mobile number matches with records of the UIDAI website’.

Just in case your Aadhar does not gets linked to your mobile number then, visit the Permanent Aadhaar Centre (PAC) that will help you with the procedure. You can also do it on aadhar self service update portal.

Here’s how to verify email on you Aadhaar Number

After mobile phone, we come to your email ID if you want to verify with your Aadhaar number. Go to the page of email verification on the UIDAI website. Click on the link ‘Verify Your Email or Mobile Number’ followed by filling the required information  in the form. Now enter your 12-digit Aadhaar card number, your email ID, which you are doing the verification for followed by the security code in the Aadhaar verify email UIDAI website. Moving forward with the email verification process, click on the link ‘Get One Time Password’ after which your will receive an  OTP on your mobile number as well as on your email ID registered with the UIDAI website.

A message saying, ‘OTP sent on your registered Email ID, please check.’ will also flash on your computer screen. Now enter the OTP you have received on your email ID and just click on the link of ‘Verify OTP’. Now the message of ‘Congratulation your email ID matches with UIDAI website records’ will be displayed on the Aadhaar verify email UIDAI website and your email verification is complete.

Well, go and get your mobile number and the email IDs verified with your Aadhaar Card by following these simple steps at your home or your office itself.


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