Verka Launches Freezer on Wheels (Ice Cream Carts) in Chandigarh

Verka, one of the most sought after brand for dairy products in North India has launched its special ice cream carts by the name ‘Freezer on Wheels’. These Verka carts will be seen all across Chandigarh, Panchkla & Mohali as the company plans to roll out 100 such ice cream carts specially for this region.

If we talk about the presence of Verka in Chandigarh, the company has already got numerous booths in almost each sector and its products are also available at a number of shops across the city. Verka products including milk, dahi, lassi, butter, ghee and other dairy items are already a favourite among residents of Chandigarh. However, the visibility of Verka ice cream was a little shallow. In order to make Verka ice cream equally loved and on par with other brands, these Verka carts have been launched.

Apart from selling ice cream, Verka ice cream carts will help the brand gain larger visibility and reach customers in their neighborhood. There were times when Verka Ice cream cups were quite popular. As of now, Verka produces all types of ice cream from cups to kulfi to cones and even bricks in exciting flavors.

Verka ice cream carts have been specially designed keeping the brand image in mind. White and blue color has been used to represent the basic color of Verka. You’ll soon be able to spot a Verka ice cream cart standing on some chownk or in some market or maybe just outside your house. Keep an eye!

Image Credits: Verka Facebook Page


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