Vespa Electtrica Scooter | The First Electric Scooter By Vespa is Here – Know Price & Details

Vespa has announced its interest in introducing the new electric scooter at the EICMA motorcycle show that is going to be organized in Milan. On account of the announcements made by Vespa regarding Electric scooter, one can expect many interesting features in the new Vespa model. In the announcement, Vespa also revealed that the name of this new electric scooter will be Vespa Elettrica. According to the latest updates and media reports, Vespa Electtrica is going to be a range of electric scooter that will cover up to 100Km on a single time charging.

Some Key Features of the Upcoming Electric Scooter, Vespa Electtrica

There are many features that are worth attention in the upcoming model of Vespa Electtrica. This upcoming model is designed with the battery that possesses the range of 100Km on a single charge. Also, this upcoming model of Vespa scooters is featured with a battery that can be charged fully in 4 hours. Vespa designers have kept the urban usability in mind while designing the all new range of Vespa Electtrica scooter that is expected to be launched in Europe in 2018. Although there are no words from the Vespa market official regarding the launch of the Vespa Electtrica in India, still to hear about the remarkable features it possesses are mind-blowing.

Features of Interest in Vespa Electtrica, The Electric Scooter Design by Vespa 

 There are many features of interest in the new Vespa Electtrica. Included in these features is the 4.3 inch TFT screen along with the multimedia options that give it a certain attraction among the people.
The battery in Vespa Electtrica – The battery on which Vespa Scooter is designed to operate is framed by a lightweight lithium-ion battery that has an effectiveness of completing 1000 cycles yielding the life of 50,000 and 70,000 km. This new scooter design will have the continuous power of 2.7 bhp along with the peak of 5.4 bhp. This model is designed to run silently.

The Two Riding Modes of the Electric Scooter, Vespa Electtrica – The new Vespa Electtrica scooter is embedded with the technology that helps it operate in two different riding modes that are Eco and Power. The Eco mode is designed to limit the upper speed of the scooter at 30kmph.

Following the traditional Vespa Scooter design, the multimedia system, Vespa Electtrica is embedded with has features of Bluetooth that enable the pairing of the unit with your smartphones. According to the reports and news, the new Vespa Electtrica Scooter is going to be available in the range of 7 different colors.

Source – NDTV


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