Chandigarh Advisor Vijay Dev transferred | Is it Dirty Politics?

Has Chandigarh, the city beautiful, become a victim of bad politics? We have heard stories of worse politics from all across India where BJP and Congress blame each other for wrong things and fight to claim the credit for good things. Talking about North India – everyone knows about the noise being made by politics game in Punjab & Haryana. Being the capital of both these states, politics in Chandigarh has never been a big issue but with overnight transfer orders of one of the most active advisor of the city – Vijay Kumar Dev, I am forced to ask – has bad politics gripped Chandigarh too?

A news story published in The Indian Express says – Union Territory adviser Vijay Kumar Dev transferred: Tussles with local BJP brass may have cost Dev dear. It is stated that local BJP leaders had lodged a complaint with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh against Vijay Kumar Dev.

Vijay Kumar Dev took charge as the advisor of Chandigarh on 24th December 2014. During his tenure of 14 months, he managed to get a great fan following as he was seen at almost all events being held in Chandigarh.

Vijay Kumar Dev: Chandigarh Projects

Being considered as one of the most active advisor for Chandigarh, Vijay Kumar Dev had been praised for various projects which include:

  • Promotion of e-governance – He launched various online services for citizens including web portals and mobile apps of various departments.
  • Held public camps to get ideas from citizens. Took online initiatives to be in touch with citizens.
  • Managed to revamp Chandigarh in terms of cleanness & decoration during French President’s visit who said that Chandigarh is a very beautiful city.
  • Made UT Estate office to function online with lot of other improvements.
  • Opened Capitol Complex for visitors.
  • Pitched Chandigarh for heritage status.
  • Went to almost all events where he was called upon. Never hid from media.
  • Batted for the Chandigarh Metro project.
  • The list can go on and on….

Bad Politics in Chandigarh

It seems that the BJP led government in Chandigarh did not go well with Vijay Kumar Dev. According to Utsav Singh Bains, general secretary of the Chandigarh Human Rights Organisation – “Vijay Dev is the first Adviser in recent times who has done remarkable work for Chandigarh. He has become a victim of jealousy of lazy local politicians.”

  • Kirron Kher, MP from Chandigarh was not happy with administration as she stated that the officials did not reply to grievance letters sent by her.
  • The administrator of Chandigarh, Prof Kaptan Singh Solanki was also not happy with Vijay Dev. In fact, the Republic Day speech for this time was also given by Solanki which was earlier given by the advisor of UT.

Vijay Kumar Dev who did his work well without favouring any political party has become a victim of politics. This is the first time I have seen the impact of politics in Chandigarh and it is surely not a good thing.

Chandigarh Supports Vijay Dev on Twitter

I wish that whatever decision is taken by the union government, it should go for the welfare of Chandigarh as a city and its residents. And I also request the political leaders in Chandigarh to think above their political parties, work as a team, see Chandigarh as their own city and do good for it.

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