VIP Numbers in Mohali Are The New Craze – “AK47” Auctioned For Highest Price Ever

Punjabis’ love for a cool car number plate is more than a million dollar luxury car. A resident of Punjab has bought an “AK47” car number plate for an unbelievable price. AK47, a selective fire, gas-operated assault rifle made in Russia has become one of the fanciest things in Punjab.

The vehicle registration series was auctioned in Mohali and a resident of Mohali bought a car registration number plate having “AK47” in it. The “AK47” containing number plate bought by the resident cost him so expensive that a common man could buy a decent car at that price. But, WELCOME TO PUNJAB!

“AK47” Car Number Plate Sold For Rs. 7,38,500 In Mohali

A resident of Mohali bought an “AK47” containing alpha-numerics during the auction. (PB 65 AK 0047) was auctioned for Rs. 7,38,500 making it the most expensive number plate beating the single-digit numbers.

“AK47” vehicle registration plate was bought by Randeep Singh, a resident of Mohali. The vehicle registration plate auctions were conducted by the office of local district transport officer and lasted for a week. The second expensive number plate after “AK47” was (PB 65 AK 0001) and was auctioned for Rs. 2.38 Lakh.

Punjab – The State Of Fancy Number Plates 

Apart from “AK47” and “AK001”, some other fancy number plates like 0009, 0007 and 0005 were auctioned for Rs. 3.49 Lakh, Rs. 1.12 Lakh and Rs. 2.45 Lakh respectively. “786” (The respected number by Muslims) number plate was auctioned less than Rs. 1 Lakh. The fancy number plate prices in Mohali are much higher as compared to that in Chandigarh.

In the latest auction held in Chandigarh, the highest price was Rs. 3.61 Lakh for a 0005 number plate. After the 0005 number plate, the second expensive vehicle registration plate in the city beautiful was Rs. 2.2 Lakh for a 0001 number.

People of Punjab have an unconditional love and craze for weapons. The Punjab police officer said that other numbers like AK0056 and AK0074 were also auctioned in Mohali. AK56 and AK74 are also the famous rifles of the AK 47 category. It is almost impossible to match the lifestyle of the people of Punjab.


Source: The Tribune

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