Vistara Airline Will Not Allot Middle Seats to Solo Women Passengers | Here’s Why

Under a special scheme for solo women passengers, #VistaraWomanFlyer, Vistara airline will not allot the middle seats to them. All women who will be flying alone on Vistara plane will be either given a window seat or by the aisle. Apart from this the airline Vistara has started providing the baggage assistance to the solo lady passengers along with the transportation services after arriving at the destination.

No solo women passenger on Vistara Airline will get the middle seats 

As per the #VistaraWomanFlyer scheme, a woman passengers will have the liberty to choose the preferred seat on the plane while booking the air tickets and during the web check in. This scheme was officially launched by Vistara airline in the month of March. By far, over 100 woman passengers have availed the scheme while travelling alone on Vistara airline.

Reason why Vistara airline started scheme for women passengers

Vistara Airline has introduced this scheme for helping women passengers on board and when they arrive at their destination. These services are launched on the basis of the feedbacks given by the female passengers. A few female passengers have told in their feedback that they do not feel comfortable at all sitting in the middle seats especially with men as their co- passengers. It becomes really difficult for them to sit or move in the aircraft and makes them feel like a sandwich between two strangers. Therefore, Vistara Airline will only allot seats to the solo women passengers either on the window side or by the aisle.

Vistara airline| Check how to avail the scheme 

In a statement given by the official of the Vistara, he mentioned that the airline has observed the preferences told by the women travellers who are travelling alone on their flights and they need assistance regarding their luggage, safe transportation from the airport and reliable stay at the hotel. If any of the solo female passenger on Vistara airline wishes to seek help with luggage and transport under the #VistaraWomanFlyer scheme, they need to approach Vistara staff. 

This is a well-thought initiative of Vistara airline for the benefit of solo women passengers on board.



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