Vitara Breeza From Maruti Suzuki Becomes the Fastest Selling SUV in India | Features, Price & More

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza has become the fastest-selling SUV in India. Well, that is indeed an achievement. Maruti Suzuki India ltd. has achieved a new milestone in the SUV segment as well. The company has sold over 2 lakh units of the Maruti Vitara Breeza in India. Maruti’s Breeza was launched in India about 20 months ago and it has been one of the most sold vehicles from Maruti’s stable since its launch. Vitara Breeza, the sub-compact SUV from Maruti Suzuki has created a new record in the segment and has become the fastest-selling SUV in India.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza is officially the fastest selling SUV in India

It is now official, Vitara Breeza from Maruti Suzuki has become the fastest selling SUV in India. As per the report, the compact SUV from Maruti Suzuki – Vitara Breeza that was launched last year in India has crossed over 2 lakh units in the country. According to the report, the company sells approximately 10, 000 units of the compact SUV in India. With an average of 10, 000 units sold per month, Maruti Breeza has successfully created a record of over 2 lakh units sold in just 20 months.

Despite competition, Maruti Breeza is the leader in the segment 

It has also been reported that in the month of July this year, about 15,240 units of Maruti Suzuki Breeza were sold. Despite competition from other automakers in the segment including Tata Nexon, Ford EcoSport, Honda WRV and Mahindra  TUV 300, Maruti’s Breeza firmly held on to the top position in the segment.

Maruti Suzuki’s subcompact SUV – Vitara Breeza, that was launched in India last year, conquers Indian consumes’ hearts. It has remained a top-selling compact SUV in the segment and as also retained its position in the 10 top-selling cars in India. Consumers have found its dual-tone rooftop as one of the attractive features in the car. Besides its numerous striking features, the 198 mm ground clearance also adds to the style and look of the subcompact SUV – Vitara Breeza.

Some of the most appreciated specifications of the Maruti Suzuki Breeza

Maruti Suzuki Breeza has set the record of selling over 2 lakh units in 20 months in the compact SUV segment. Maruti Breeza offers great cabin space in addition to automatic headlamps and wipers, rear camera, cruise control and satellite navigation.

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