Vodafone 4G Volte is Coming to These States in India

Vodafone India has announced the rollout of the Vodafone 4G VoLTE services in India

Vodafone India has announced the rollout of the Vodafone 4G VoLTE services in India. With this announcement, Vodafone has entered the third telecom operator who will soon have the VoLTE(Voice Over Long-Term Evolution) in all states. Until now Reliance Jio is the only telecom operator who is offering VoLTE services in all over India. After Jio, Bharti Airtel is on the second position as it has rolled out the VoLTE services in few states.

Vodafone 4G VoLTE Rollout Begins

The 4G VoLTE service of Vodafone has started in Gujrat. Vodafone announced the launch of 4G VoLTE services in the month of December. After Gujrat Vodafone will spread the 4G VoLTE services in Delhi, Karnataka, Kolkata, and Mumbai. All users of Vodafone in Gujrat who have 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone can enjoy the VoLTE service of Vodafone and will be able to make VoLTE calls. According to Vodafone, the 4G subscribers of Vodafone will now experience HD quality & crystal clear voice without any extra charges. All Vodafone users in Gujrat region will be informed via text messages about the launch of VoLTE service.

Vodafone is already giving 4G services in many of the states under which the telecom operator is giving free calls and data usage on selected plans and packs. There are monthly plans and packs of Vodafone that offers unlimited calling and up to 2GB data per day while long terms plans offer 1GB data per day with free unlimited calling.

In 2016, Reliance Jio entered the market with the 4G VoLTE service. Reliance Jio is the only operator that is giving its 4G VoLTE services in all over India. After Jio, Airtel started rolling out the VoLTE services. Currently, Airtel VoLTE services are available in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Chennai.

What is VoLTE – Features

What is VoLTE and what it offers? VoLTE is the short form used for Voice over Long-Term Evolution. VoLTE provides better quality voice calls. The calls are HD quality calls. There will be lesser calls drops and greater voice clarity. Calls made over LTE get connected faster in comparison to calls made over the 3G or 2G network.

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