Vodafone Plan 799 & Plan 549 to Soon Launch With 4.5GB Data Per Day & 3.5GB Data | Check All Details

Every Telecom Operator is launching new offers with extra benefits daily to attracts users towards it network. At this time, there are so many plans in the market that offers 1GB, 1.5GB, 2GB, 2.5GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB and many more daily data usage plans with unlimited calling. But Reliance Jio is still continuing to dominate the telecom market with its simply awesome plans.

Now according to the report of Telecom Talk, Vodafone India will soon launch two new plans to compete with Reliance Jio. The two new plans that Vodafone will launch soon are Plan 549 and Plan 799. These two plans will offer 3.5GB data per day and 4.5GB data. These two plans will compete with Jio 799 plan and 509 plan. As of now, these plans are not launched but soon the popular circles of Vodafone will see these plans. Here are the full details.

Vodafone 549 Plan With 3.5GB Data Per Day

The first new plan that Vodafone is going to launch is the Plan 549. This plan will offer high-speed data usage of total 98GB. The data usage in this plan will be 3.5GB per day. The plan will offer unlimited calls. Unlimted calls will include local calls, STD voice calls, Roaming incoming/outgoing calls. The plan will also offer 100 free SMS per day. The validity of plan 549 will be 28 days.

Vodafone 799 Plan With 4.5GB Data Per Day

The next new plan that Vodafone will launch in few days is the plan Vodafone 799 plan. The plan offers total 126GB 4G data with the daily data usage of 4.5GB. This plan is applicable for 28 days. Apart from data usage, the plan will also offer unlimited local, STD and Roaming calls. Users will also 100 free SMS per day in this plan.

Vodafone Vs Jio

The new Vodafone plan 549 and 799 will compete against the Jio Plan 509 and Jio Plan 799. Jio Plan 509 offers 0.5GB extra data per day as compared to the Vodafone plan 549 while the 799 plan of Jio also offers 0.5GB extra data per day as compared to the Vodafone 799 plan. In case of 549 plan, there is Jio 509 plan and its cost is also less.

All plans of Jio offers unlimited calling with Free SMS. Calls and SMS are also free in Vodafone new Plans. But there is a daily or weekly limit and it will be interesting to see whether the new plan will also have the daily or weekly calling limit or not. Also, one more benefit in Jio plans is the unlimited data usage.



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