Vodafone Officially Revised the RED 399 Postpaid Plan | Here is What You Will Get in the Plan

he updated Vodafone RED basic plan 399 now offers unlimited calls including all Local, STD, and Roaming Calls

Vodafone India has revised its starter RED postpaid plan 399 on its website. This revision in the plan of Vodafone came just after the Bharti Airtel revised its basic starter postpaid plan 399. Now the Vodafone 399 postpaid plan offers the benefits including free calls, data and roaming. Here are the full details of Vodafone 399 Postpaid Plan. Check it out.

Vodafone RED 399 Postpaid Plan

The updated Vodafone RED basic plan 399 now offers unlimited calls including all Local, STD, and Roaming Calls. The plan now offers 20GB 4G data for a period of a month with the data rollover facility. There is no usage limit on the data. Users can anytime use the 20GB 4G data. The left unused data will be carried forward to the next billing cycle and up to 200GB can be accumulated.

The 399 Vodafone Plan doesn’t offer free SMS and this is the part where the Vodafone plan 399 lacks behind. Earlier the 399 Vodafone Postpaid Plan offers 10GB 4G data which is now doubled to 20GB. The plan earlier doesn’t offer free roaming calls. This plan 399 of Vodafone is not applicable to the users of Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh Circles.

Other Best Postpaid Plans

The Vodafone RED Traveler R plan 499 offers free unlimited local, STD and Roaming calls. Plan 499 of Vodafone offers 30GB Data with data Rollover. The plan also offers free SMS. Another plan is RED Traveler M plan 699. This plan offers all free calls and 40GB 4G data. The plan also offers free SMS. Both of these plans offer free calling in roaming.

Airtel 399 Basic Postpaid Plan 

Talking about the basic Airtel Postpaid plan, then the plan is 399 myPlan Infinity. This plan comes with all benefits. In the 399 plan of Airtel, users will get free unlimited calls including all roaming outgoing calls without any limit or restriction. The plan offers 20GB free 4G data. The data comes with data rollover facility. With the data rollover feature, users can carry forward the unused data to the next month billing cycle. This plan also offers free 100 SMS daily. The plan also offers free Wynk Music and Airtel TV. This is the only plan of Airtel POstpaid that doesn’t offer Free Amazon Prime Membership. Other plans above the 399 plan of Airtel offers Free Amazon Prime Membership.

 Airtel Postpaid Plan Vs Vodafone Postpaid Plan

If we compare the 399 postpaid plan of Vodafone with the 399 postpaid plan of Airtel then Airtel postpaid plan is better. The first thing that is best in Airtel plan is the Free SMS. The plan offers 100 Free SMS per day while the Vodafone 399 plan doesn’t offer the free SMS.

For the rest of the plan once again the Airtel Postpaid plan is best. The plan 499 of Airtel offers 40GB 4G data while the 499 plan of Vodafone offers 30GB data which is 10GB less than the data in the Airtel Postpaid plan 499. Another thing is the 100 Free SMS per day. In the Airtel 499 plan users will get free Amazon Prime Membership free of cost which actually costs Rs.999 for a year. Airtel TV, Airtel Wynk Music and Free Handset Protection are the best in the Airtel 499 plan.



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