Heard About WannaCry Ransomware? Here’s How to Save Your PC from This Deadly Virus

Since the WannaCry Ransomware has hit the computer and mobile users massively in India as well as other parts of the world, the social media is flooded with the messages and posts of cyber attack alerts. Read on know how can you make your PCs and laptops WannaCry ransomware safe.

Last weekend a WannaCry ransomware created a situation of hue and cry globally by infecting the computers and mobiles of many. Various organisations all around the world are worried as a lot of damage has been made by the malware, especially in Europe and Asia. The ransomware WannaCry has attacked India cyber system so intensely that many people are afraid of even operating their computer systems, using social media apps on mobile phones or even withdrawing out money from the ATMs.

Talking about the WannaCry ransomware, the experts believe that all the gadgets inflicted by this malware cannot be rectified as of now while its other variants with another kill switches will possibly go on spreading further.

What is WannaCry Ransomware

WannaCry ransomware is a malware or in a layman’s word a virus that infects your computers as well as your mobile phones hindering the operations and misusing data on your system for any anti-social interests.

The European and Asian countries are the worst effected by this major cyber attack WannaCry ransomware, including India. This malware is floated via an email with an encrypted file that infiltrates the entire date on your system after it is downloaded. All the computers that got infected by this malware, globally received same ransom messages of investing $300 for unlocking data.

How can you prevent your computers from WannaCry ransomware 

Kindly follow the below-listed steps to make your computers WannaCry Ransomware safe in India or anywhere else in the world:

  • Keep your PCs and laptops safe with an Antivirus software.
  • Keep a regular check on your data stored on your computer.
  • Keep on updating the back up of all the files on your computer system to keep all the malicious elements at bay.
  • Use only integrated codes and scripts for the authentication of your database.
  • Get a Sender Policy Framework (SPF), an email validation system designed for your domain to prevent spams/ malware reaching your emails’ inbox.
  • Regularly, operate the third party applications for latest updations.
  • Ensure using Software Restriction Policies (SRP) for blocking binaries running from %APPDATA% and %TEMP% paths.
  • Keep all the back of the database on a separate device and also it should be stored offline.
  • Do not open or download files in unsolicited e-mails.
  • Web browsing should be done keeping in mind the safe gateways with apt content controls.
  • Keep the installation and running of unwanted software applications restricted on your computer system.
  • Never open or download files that are cer|pst|cmd|com|vb|hlp|hta|js|wsfvbe|scr|exe|pif|tmp|url|reg|bat|dll|dat types
  • Do regular audits and testing (VAPT) of database servers for seamless networks/systems from CERT-IN empaneled auditors.

So, keep a check on all the e-mails you receive and follow these above-mentioned steps to keep your computers safe from WannCry Ransomware in India.

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