Want To Get Hooked To A Series of Intense Podcasts – Your Search Ends Here

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time and chill, especially if you cannot devote all your time to one activity. There are different genres out there, and you can have your pick depending on your mood. 

Almost every topic you can imagine has a podcast with several episodes. You can find a podcast that is informational, educational, scary, thrilling, or simply funny.

Sometimes, you want a podcast that you can simply listen to without paying too much attention and don’t get you addicted in the first few episodes. 

After all, you are only listening, so the main task you are doing is less mundane. But, what if you want a podcast that is so gripping that you have to listen to episode after episode? At the end of the day, aren’t we all just looking for something that moves us? In whatever direction that may be.

Just like the shows you watch that force you to binge, there are also podcasts that elicit the same feeling in you and keep you clicking the ‘next episode’ button. 

The best intense podcast recommendations

One of the best genres to listen to if you want to get hooked is the murder mystery and true crime one. Some of the stories out there are enough to send chills down your spine.

As horrified as these may leave you, you do also want to know what happens next. The urge to see what else could have happened that you are going to find out about next is gripping.

1. The Vanished Podcast

Our first recommendation for you is The Vanished Podcast. This podcast is a series of episodes that cover the true stories of people who have gone missing and the outcomes of these cases, wherever it is known.

Hosted by Marissa Jones, the first episode of this podcast debuted on February 2nd, 2016, and has since hosted 218 episodes. Each episode is about an hour and a half long and focuses on a single case.

Each episode focuses on the relevant people in each case and contains interviews from family members, friends, law enforcement, and experts in the field. This way of approaching a case gives a holistic view of it, and you don’t miss out on any of the details.

The official website of the podcast has an archive of all the older episodes and also a way you can submit cases of your own of missing family members. This facility allows even lesser-known cases to gain some coverage.

According to the reviews of some of the listeners of the podcast, the narrative style of the host is what keeps them hooked. Marissa is also renowned for her extremely well-researched take on each individual’s case.

Episodes come out every week, and you can listen to them even with your family members because the language is very PG-13. The  host also has a way of making the listeners invested in the story, and be able to empathize with the victim.

2. Chernobyl Podcast

If you are more interested in a story that is based on true events, the Chernobyl Podcast is the one for you. This podcast is a dramatized version of the actual events that took place in the nuclear accident of 1986 in Chernobyl. 

This podcast is co-hosted by Peter Sagal and  Craig Mazin, who is also the creator, writer, and producer of the miniseries. It has six episodes and is available on a whole host of platforms from which you can stream them for free.

Each of the episodes covers historical facts and goes into the intricate details of the scenes and characters that were a part of this major tragedy. The show streamed from April 13th to August 15th, 2019, and was highly acclaimed.

Another interesting fact about this particular podcast is that it is a great complement to the award-winning HBO series of the same name! According to listeners of this podcast, this miniseries fills in a lot of details that go with the show. 

Once you start listening to this podcast, you will be struck by the extent of the tragedy and gain a new perspective with stories you have not heard before. You also get an insight into what was real and what was made-up.

Since this is a short podcast and each episode is a little over thirty minutes long, it is perfect for listening to on your day off when you want a complete break from everything happening around you.

It is guaranteed to keep you hooked and listening right up until the very last minute. You are certainly going to be recommending this to all your podcast-listening friends as soon as you are done with it!

Where do I start?

Once you identify the genre that you want to listen to, it is an easy way to go about identifying your next podcast. There is a huge variety of streaming platforms available to you from the comfort of your home. 

It is important to know, however, that not all of these platforms will have all of the episodes available for streaming, and you may have to search around a bit before you find the right website.

Podchaser is a great tool to find the latest, most happening podcasts in the world! The website first gives you a list of the trending podcasts at the moment. Once you sign up on it, you will also have access to customized content for you. 

What is more, is that you also get access to details about the podcasts and honest reviews of many listeners who are just like you! You can also have discussions on different podcast forums and meet fellow fans this way.

Podcasts are one of the best mediums to consume content through. With the variety of genres and sub-genres available, podcasts are gaining popularity, much like television shows, movies, and books.

We’ve given you some of our favorite recommendations to get you started; you can find so much more with a little research! Go on, grab your laptop, and get started on your podcast hunt today.


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