Mohali gets a Water ATM to deal with Water Scarcity

A water ATM booth has been set up in Phase 9, Mohali from where residents can get purified RO drinking water. The Water ATM booth has an automated machine which dispenses water bottles upon putting a coin in the machine.

The water ATM will be very beneficial to Mohali residents who often face water scarcity in the summer season. With the on-going water problems between Panchkula, Mohali and Chandigarh, this water ATM will ensure that people get filtered drinking water for their houses.

A queue was witnessed at the Water ATM in Mohali, where people from nearby areas had also come to get filtered water. The private company which has opened this water ATM told media that the prices of water have been kept specifically low to help people get adequate water. The prices of water have been set as:

1 Litre bottle: Re 1.

10 Litre Bottle:  Rs. 5.

These prices are surprisingly low as a normal 1 litre mineral water bottle costs Rs 10 to Rs. 20 in the market. The low price of water bottle from this water ATM in Mohali is another reason that it is attracting people from other areas too.

Such water ATM’s should be set up in other areas too including Chandigarh and Panchkula, so that residents can at least get pure drinking water for their homes. And the cost of Re 1 for 1 litre bottle and Rs. 5 for 10 litre bottle are just negligible.

Image Credits: Vicky Gharu, The Tribune.


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