Pay Rs. 2000 Fine for Washing Cars & Watering Lawns in Chandigarh during Summers

The Muncipal Corporation of Chandigarh has gone all out by announcing a fine of Rs. 2000 for anyone who is found watering lawn, washing car or wasting water in any other form during morning hours. Apart from fine, the MC has also come up with a warning where the water supply of that particular house will be disconnected if the violation is repeated for the second time.

Consumption of water is much higher in Chandigarh during the summer season and in order to fight the water shortage, MC has come up with this challan drive. The main aim of this drive is to cease the wastage of portable water supplied to the city residents.

The challan drive to fine those who are found wasting water in Chandigarh will run from 15 April 2016 till 30 June 2016.

To term it as no joke, Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has formed 18 special teams that will go around the city during morning hours and check the water being wasted by citizens. A fine will be imposed on anyone who is found guilty. Each team comprises of 3 members. The Sub- Divisional Engineer (SDE) of MC’s engineering wing will be the head and each SDE will patrol specific area allotted to him along with two junior engineers.

Fine for Water Wastage in Chandigarh: How you can be Challaned

  • Watering lawn during morning hours from 5.30 AM to 8.30 AM.
  • Washing cars using pipes. (However washing car with bucket is allowed).
  • Overflow from overhead or underground water tanks.
  • Overflow from desert coolers.
  • A tap found open and water flowing unnecessarily.
  • Leakages in water pipeline.

If there is a leakage, some time would definitely be provided to the resident to get it repaired. In case you are unable to get it repaired in the specified time, a fine of Rs. 2000 under water wastage laws would be imposed.

How to Pay the Fine if you don’t stop wasting water:

In case, you love wasting water or cannot mend your habit to water your lawn in the morning or maybe love to wash your car with a pipe, keep Rs. 2000 cash ready in your pocket. Fine can be paid on the spot and if you deny, it would be added to your next month’s water bill.

Wait! Do you still want to repeat this even after being fined? MC has all the right to disconnect your water connection and in case this happens, we can only wish you Happy Summers 2016!

Image Credits: Indian Express


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