Web based radio cabs banned in Chandigarh

Taking a strict action after the recent rape incident by a Uber cab driver in Delhi, Chandigarh Administration has imposed a total ban on the running of web based radio cabs in Chandigarh. This ban came into action just after 3 days of the Delhi incident and is a good step to make Chandigarh a safe city.

Which cabs have been banned?

Ola Cabs, Meru Cabs and Uber Cabs have been banned from operating in Chandigarh. These 3 companies combined were running more than 150 cabs in Chandigarh. In the mean-time Ola cabs has got a stay from High Court in regard to this decision. The STA Chandigarh (State Transport Authority) has said that these 3 operators were running taxis on Chandigarh roads without permission.

It was in 2006, when Chandigarh Administration had launched radio taxis in Chandigarh. Since then, the radio taxi business had seen a nice growth in the city. A total of 6 radio cab operators were running their taxis in Chandigarh as of december 2014, our of which 3 have been banned. So, now the city is left with 3 radio taxi operators in Chandigarh namely – Fab Cabs, Mega Cabs and RBTZ.

Legal cabs in Cahndigarh

Fab cabs, Mega Cabs and RBTZ Cabs do have a permission to run their radio taxis in Chandigarh but they have been asked to furnish their driver details to the Police. Chandigarh Police will then verify each driver’s criminal record and his character from his native place. It has also been made clear to the cab operating companies that a they will not be able to recruit a driver without Chandigarh Police’s verification.

This step has come as a relief to those who use radio cabs in chandigarh and we must admit that Chandigarh Administration has always taken strict decisions whenever the safety of Chandigarhians is concerned. While nothing can be said about Uber Chandigarh which had just launched their operations in Chandigarh few weeks back but let us see if Ola Cabs and Meru Cabs will be given a licence to operate in Chandigarh or not.

Image Source: Chandigarh Transport Official Website


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