Welcum 2 Hell Is All Set To Become Chandigarh’s First EDM Music Festival | Coming This November – Event Details

It’s 2017 and the term EDM is not new for the millennials in Chandigarh but how many of you have heard of IDM? Well Indian Dance Music is going to be around for quite some time and we think it is time you memorise it. The tricity of Chandigarh is all set to get its first music festival called Welcum 2 Hell. This is a new music festival in Chandigarh at a time when there are already established ones like Sunburn, Supersonic and Magnetic Fields. The Welcum 2 Hell music festival takes a different approach though. The music festival combines EDM and IDM and what we get a result is the fusion of the two.

What is exactly Welcum 2 Hell music festival Chandigarh offering in the already crowded Festival space?

Welcum 2 Hell Chandigarh is not competing with Sunburn, Supersonic or NH7 for that matter. All it wants do is create its own space in the crowded music festival scene. The music festival is trying to do that by focusing on both EDM and IDM. In other words, Indian Dance Music will be an equally important part for the Chandigarh music festival and ‘Desi Gaane’ will be at its heart. The headliners for the first ever Welcum 2 Hell include Marnik and Maari Ferrari who are popular names in the EDM scene. The famous Lost Stories will be back in Chandigarh town to represent Indian talent on the music festival. Other popular names include MOJOJOJO who has seen immense success after his remix of Punjab by Karunesh got popular. DJ Lemon will make sure people get their doze for Bollywood remixes at Welcum 2 Hell music festival Chandigarh.

After Chandigarh the music Festival will go on a tour in the entire country.

Welcum 2 Hell has already made plans to make the festival popular in the entire country along with Chandigarh. After the inaugural music festival here in Zirakpur on 11th November, the festival will move to Shillong and Delhi and then to South India in the next few months. The tickets of the Welcum 2 Hell Chandigarh are available at bookmyshow and are available for as low as Rs. 2,000. The first ever iteration of Welcum 2 Hell will be held at Bhullar Farms in Zirakpur, which is located at a 5 minute drive from the Chandigarh City.

Listen to MOJO JOJO’s Punjab here:


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