What Are Some Ways to Clean My Aquamarine Gemstone?

Is your aquamarine gemstone looking a bit grubby? Not to worry – there are a few easy ways to clean it up! In this article, we’ll outline the best way to clean aquamarine gemstones using a number of different methods. So, whether you’re looking to get rid of buildup or just give your gemstone a thorough cleaning, we’ve got you covered. 

Aquamarine is a beautiful stone that has a variety of uses. It is often used to make jewelry that is delicate and stylish. The gemstone is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy, and it is also said to bring good luck. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful stone that has a variety of uses, aquamarine is a good option to consider. However, Buy Aquamarine Stone Online only from a place like GemPundit that offers the best warranties, free certificates, and lots of other benefits with each purchase. Also, ask the seller to provide you with a comprehensive care guide with the stone to follow the right techniques for handling it. 

All About the Color of Aquamarines

Due to its popularity and its natural oil content, the aquamarine gemstone can get dirty pretty easily. Before you learn how to clean this gemstone, understand significant facts about its stunning color.

Aquamarine stone has a very high grade and can range from colorless to slightly bluish-green. The clarity of an aquamarine gemstone ranges from Eye Clean (no inclusions) to Nearly flawless (small, unnoticed inclusions). 

The stone tends to have a bluish-green hue, with some shades being lighter than others. It typically has a moderate level of transparency and can range from moderately cloudy to almost completely transparent. The finer the grade of aquamarine, the more brightly it will glow colors.

How to Clean Your Aquamarine Gemstone

Cleaning your aquamarine gemstone is an important task to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips on how to clean your beloved gemstone:

Wash It Gently

Aquamarines are easy to care for – just wash with warm water and mild soap (or better yet: remove with an electronic gemstone cleaner), dry thoroughly, if necessary, then store away where sunlight cannot reach them. 

Exposure to light will cause colors may fade over time; keep yours stored in a dark place if you prefer their color unchanged year after year! If the gemstone is scratched or has other damage, you may need to have it professionally cleaned.

Be Careful About the Setting

When cleaning your aquamarine ring or any other jewelry piece, be extra careful about the setting and metal used in it. The jewelry comes with different types of settings, each with its own specific requirements when it comes to caring and cleaning. 

For an aquamarine stone set in silver metal, you can use a soft cloth to remove any signs of tarnish. And when it’s a gold ring, soak it in warm water and gentle soap. Then, use a soft brush to scrub the metal and stone before rinsing the ring under cold water. Be extra gentle when cleaning the prongs surrounding the stone and make your ring dry completely before wearing it. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals or Cleaning Solutions

Despite being a relatively hard stone, aquamarine is still vulnerable to damage caused by rough chemicals. It is advisable to completely avoid any products containing ammonia, bleach, alcohol, or chlorine. All these chemicals can tarnish and fracture the stone’s surface, damaging it permanently. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to use a soft cloth only to rub your stone dry as a harsh or abrasive cloth will scratch it. If your ring needs deep cleaning with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, take it to an expert. 

Don’t Place Your Stone Under Heat

No matter what you hear or read, never put your precious or semi-precious stones under direct heat, such as in the microwave or boiling water. Doing this may severely damage your stone and make it lose its innate luster. Even when storing the stone, keep it away from the sun by wrapping in a soft dry cloth and keeping it in a small bag. 

When Should You Clean Your Aquamarine Stone?

Whether you wear aquamarine stone daily or carry it around in your purse, you need to clean it often to retain its beauty and natural properties. Every two weeks should be an appropriate interval to clean the stone, so it won’t harbor too much dirt in its crevices. 

Apart from this regular cleaning regime, get your stone a professional cleaning once every six months. This process may also involve polishing to retain the original glory of your stone. If you own a vintage aquamarine ring, be very specific about the cleaning process followed by the professionals and ask all essential questions before leaving your jewel in their care. 

Things to Do for Long-Term Care of Your Aquamarine Stone

Although regular cleaning can protect your ring and help elongate its lifespan, that’s not enough. You ought to keep your aquamarine safe during daily usage, especially if you wear it in jewelry. Here are some tips to care for it like a pro:

Keep It Away from Kitchen

When you wear aquamarine jewelry every day, you may forget to remove it before cooking. Remember gemstones are delicate and need complete care. Direct contact with heat, sharp objects, and other elements in your kitchen can deteriorate its shine and cause your stone to lose its bling. Also, food particles may get stuck in the jewelry at times. 

The same goes for cleaning and other strenuous activities that can cause lasting damage. For example, when swimming in your pool, chlorine in the water mixed with your sweat can damage its natural shine. If you wear it while cleaning the house, you may loosen the stone or the ring’s base if you aren’t careful. 

So, with all these tips and guidance, you can care for your aquamarine stone and clean it t the right time using the right methods. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask an expert. As a matter of fact, always check the care guide provided by the manufacturer or seller for these processes.


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