What are the 4 Categories of Immigration Status in the US?

There are 4 types of immigation statuses namely the, citizens, residents, non-immigrants and undocumented. The system has given way to exclusive opportunities for a number of aspirants and workers across the globe even at the agricultural level. H-2A visa is one such visa in US that allows employers in the agricultural sector to hire seasonal workers from other countries. If you are looking to hire employees for your agricultural business, you can get all the information regarding H-2A visa on websites like https://farmerlawpc.com/h-2a-visas/

What is a H-2A visa?

H-2A visa is a provision made by the US government to allow workers from different countries to get employment in the agricultural sector in the US as seasonal workers. It is different from the H-2B visa as, it is only for employment for seasonal workers in the agricultural sector, while H-2B visa allows workers to seek temporary employment in a variety of fields including landscaping, meat and seafood processing and construction.   

What defines one’s citizenship to the US?

The primary sources defining one’s citizenship in the US, are namely birthright-citizenship and naturalization. The former case wherein the person is considered a citizen by their birth within the territorial limits of the US and exceptionally in case were born abroad to US citizen parents. 

The latter being, they have been legal immigrants and have been the permanent residents for about 3-5 years. However, there are other exceptional cases such as citizenship by marriage and through military.

Eligibilities for Naturalization

One who is not native born can get their citizenship by applying for naturalization provided, they fulfill the following requirements;

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Have had continual residence in the US for a minimum of 2.5 years during the 5 year of qualifying period.
  • Is literate and has spoken English qualities.
  • Is responsible and accountable.
  • Well-aware of US history and government principles.
  • Is loyal to the principles of the US Constitution.
  • Takes an oath of allegiance

You can still be a legal resident of the US

The non-immigrants are the ones residing the county on legal terms, but only on a temporary basis such as students, business visitors, tourists, fiancees etc.

Anyone can Apply

If you are planning a brief visit, maybe for business purposes or a tour, you need to apply for a visitor or transit visa. The following are the four categories of immigration status in US: 

  • Most business and tourism visits are covered under the B-1 and B-2 visas covering all business travelers who wish to consult with business associates, attend conferences, settle estates or negotiate contracts and the tourists on vacations, attendees of social events, contest participants respectively.
  • Transit visas are less common, but are of appropriate use for those traveling to another country and want to stop in the US as part of their travel to their next foreign destination. Other cases involve crewmembers of sea-vessels or international airlines. Examples are Transit C, C-1,D and C-1/D visas.
  • Lots of students move to the US for their education, or are shifted here as part of exchange-program. For such cases, most common student visas are the F-1 and M-1 visas for full-time international students pursuing the academic studies and the vocational studies respectively. The J-1 visa, also known as the student-exchange visitor program (EVP), is for the foreign national approved study-based exchange programs. For the visiting scholars, camp counselors or research assistants etc.
  • Another classification named K-1 is for those who are engaged to US citizens and plan to live their married-life in the US. Even though the visa expires after 90 days and cannot be extended, one can apply for an adjustment of status to get a permanent resident (green) card after marriage.

Does everyone in the US have an authorized living?

There are a handful of people who reside in the country without permission illegally, they are termed as the Undocumented. It means they are legally unrecognized by the government. Neither are they authorized to work nor do they have access to any sort of public benefits like health-care and licenses. They are under the risk of having deportation proceedings against them at any time and thus have a very stressful and unstable living situation. One becomes an undocumented, either by overstaying their visa or by dodging the entry port of the country.

Immigration lawyers help you to navigate through every facet of immigration. These firms help agricultural guest workers to get their H-2A visas for the US. Not just that, these firms may also specialise in family immigration, investor and entrepreneur immigration and other employee immigrants as well. So, if you are considering migrating to the US, you should definitely consider consulting with an attorney with respective experience.


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