What are the benefits of joining coaching for IAS preparation?

When it comes to any examination from our childhood days, we always find ourselves under great pressure. The IAS is one of the toughest examinations across the world which is conducted by the UPSC and the chance for getting selected is around 0.1%. Those who qualify in the final merit list are the deserving ones who shine in the examination where a lakh of candidates appear. The aspirant who prepares for the Civil Service Examination is one of the most exciting journeys of many ups and downs that anyone can embark on. The journey is so unique and exciting that in the end, those who could not crack it should not lose hope as it enhances their knowledge and develop the intellectual capacity of an aspirant positively.

Benefits of choosing an IAS Coaching Centre:

Coaching for civil service examinations like IAS is considered important by many aspirants nowadays because it is the best way through which proper guidance, knowledge and best study material can be taken for the preparation. The coaching centres enhance the chances of success, boost your confidence and prepare for the examination accordingly. IAS Coaching is necessary because the IAS exam focuses on a student’s proficiency in various subjects that are global and along with it various current affairs across the world. The benefits of joining coaching institutes for IAS are as follows:

The coaching institute can provide proper structure and pattern:

The Indian Administrative Service also called the IAS is one of the toughest examinations and the examination is conducted into three-part structures i.e. Preliminary Examination, Mains Examination and Interview.

Each of the stages requires a different and special mode of coaching as it carries valuable marks. The faculty of the coaching institutes are highly qualified and trained teachers and many retired professional IAS officers are hired for the coaching institutes as it can guide the students in the right direction for what to study and remove the unnecessary topics as the syllabus is very vast. The importance of the trainer /faculty can only be seen by the fact that they show the right path to them and provide them study materials that help them to prepare systematically. The trainer must make sure that there are not any loopholes for you. Moreover, the trainer should be ready to help you in times of any confusion or need.

Dedication & Motivation:

The IAS examination requires complete dedication and focus and for achieving the job there is constant hard-work and many ups and downs during this journey. Sometimes constant motivation and dedication is not entirely possible without coaching/tutoring. As the journey for the IAS examination is too long it is obvious to sometimes get confused or feel low and many a times, the aspirant feel to give up. But the coaching institute provides constant motivation to ignite the fire in you that will finally lead to success. Moreover, regular mock tests encourage students to build on their confidence. The coaching centres also conduct various seminars, counselling sessions that help the students for a flawless learning without any distractions.

The coaching institutes provides the individual to study in groups or peer learning:

As we all know man is a social animal and it is good for the aspirants to study in group because when we study alone, we can focus as we keep ourselves on isolation and it reduces the retention power of the human brain. Studying in groups ensures better retention of the individual as in group study one can interact with others and exchange ideas.

Moreover, group study helps as all the students prepare for the same examination and you may get to know your level where you stand out by appearing the examination. Group study also provides the benefit of competition and the mentality arises we all want to be better than others. But if an individual study alone the situation may be completely the opposite.

It develops self discipline and time management: 

When it comes to time management, we all have many excuses to give specially for study. Effective time management is a challenging task. The coaching centres follow a specific time-table, which the students must follow. By going classes regularly, regular test series and previous year question paper helps in effective time management. It will help student to prepare their own time-table for studies which will benefit them by completing their syllabus before examination and a proper revision can be done.

Constant guidance:

The IAS coaching institutes is the best place to clear doubts and understand the syllabus properly. The experienced faculty of the coaching institutes provides clear solution to any study problem or any confusion and gives tips to overcome possible hurdles in future.

Exclusive study material:

The coaching institutes provide the required study material from an expert point of view and many institutes prepare their own notes. The study materials prepared by the coaching institutes are important because it is prepared through a detailed analysis of the subject, pattern of examination and through PYQs. It saves time of the students.

Preparing for the interview:

The last stage of the IAS examination is interview round. It is the crucial phase because if an aspirant cannot deliver or fails to perform nicely in the interview, all the previous hard-work and achievement will go in vain. The IAS coaching institutes have specified and personalized techniques to impart interview skills and many mock interviews are conducted to boost the confidence of the aspirants and to find the areas which need to be improved.

It provides latest and updated content:

The IAS coaching institutes provides updated content for their students on a regular basis. Moreover, the institutes also prepare weekly and monthly current affairs for the students.


The above mentioned are the benefits for why the candidates must choose IAS coaching centre while preparing for the examination as it will increase your chances for selection. The aspirants must take IAS preparation as a phase in life and not as your life.


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