What Are The Most Popular Mobile Game Genres In India?

When we talk about the most popular mobile games in India, we’re really talking about the most popular games in the world. After all, India is one of the largest mobile gaming markets in the world. Currently, the industry is worth around $1 billion; in under five years, the experts think it’ll be worth somewhere in the region of $5 billion. 

The rate of smartphone ownership is increasing all the time in India, and that, along with higher-quality games, is a big driving force behind the development of the market. 

Not that we need to look to the future when talking about mobile gaming—after all, it’s huge right now. So what types of games are people playing in India? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest genres. 

Puzzle Games

It makes sense that puzzle games would be popular with smartphone users. After all, the button-free nature of these devices make puzzles an obvious go-to option; the experience is essentially the same on mobile as it would be on a console. There are plenty of puzzle-type games to choose from, including Maze Machina, Candy Crush, and a selection of games at Wildz, such as Crazy Time. Another puzzle game that’s flying up the charts is Callbreak Multiplayer, a trick-taking card game. You can play this game online with friends or against random people. 

Sport Games

India is a country that loves sports! And it’s not just on the field where Indians enjoy the action. They also love firing up some of the best mobile sports games on the app store. So what games are they playing? As you might expect, the big hitters are popular in India. You’ll find plenty of people playing games that are usually reserved for games consoles, such as FIFA and NBA 2K. 

Non-branded sports games also get a runout. There are some pretty basic football, cricket, and pool games, for instance. In fact, the most popular sports game in India is 8 Ball Pool. This should come as no surprise since it’s probably the most popular casual sports mobile game in the world. 

Action Games

Most people play mobile games because they want to unwind with some easy entertainment. But some people are different. When they play games, they’re looking for something that’s a bit more intense. Happily, the mobile market is happy to provide them with what they need. 

There are a host of outstanding action games in the app store. These games don’t rank as highly in the download ratings because they’re generally more expensive but do score highly with engagement. That is to say, the people that play them play them a lot. The most popular in India is Call of Duty. 

Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale games are hugely popular. Indeed, beyond casual games, they’re the ones that get the most playtime in India. Take a look at the top twenty most popular games in India, and you’ll find that a significant portion of games falls into this category. 

They’re fun; they’re competitive; they’ve got enough action to keep things interesting: it’s no wonder they’re so popular. The top game in India is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which sees players take on 99 other live players. It’s a thrilling adventure that has captured the country’s imagination.

Hyper Casual Games

Finally, there are hyper casual games. These are the games that more or less everyone plays, including non-gamers. They’re easy to play, last only a short amount of time (around 1 – 2 minutes per play), and they’re highly addictive. It’s no wonder so many people play them! The most popular are Helix Jump, Rise Up, and Fun Race 3D.


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