What are the Taxations Policies on Online Gambling in Different Countries?

When it comes to online gambling, one of the primary problems faced by an online casino operator is the tax. Gambling is taxed as per the legislation of a certain country. The tax associated with gambling is higher than what is usually imposed in a commercial arena. 

Where do these Taxes Go?

The governments of several countries have come to understand that they cannot uproot gambling by implementing direct blocks and bans. In contrast, the legalization of online casinos in India and other countries will lead to a budget replenishment. Thus, a majority of the developed countries have imposed taxation regulation on gambling online in recent times. 

Moreover, there are some countries that force the punters to pay income tax on the amount that they have won. The revenue generated from gambling is generally spent on the social sphere, national projects, and tourism development. 

Penalties for Evading Tax

Generally, the sanctions for all players are taken as fines. For instance, paying the tax late means there is going to be a deduction of 5%-20% of the overdue amount to Russia criminal prosecution. When any illegal activity is detected, the taxation authorities are going to levy a fine of 5% on the unpaid amount for every delayed month. In case the amount that is unpaid is more than RUB 900,000, you are going to end up behind bars. 

In the United States, evading taxes is taken to be one of the most serious crimes. As a penalty, you will have to pay a fine of $1000 thousand or go to jail for 5 years. 

Operators can also suffer from evading tax. A big amount of fine might lead the company to be bankrupt, revocation of gaming license, suspension of various activities, and criminal prosecution against the chief accountant and the CEO of the company. 

Gambling Laws for Different Countries


Online gambling is banned in different CIS countries, especially Ukraine and Russia. The only form of gambling allowed is a lottery or betting. Only recently, online gambling has been made legal in the Republic of Belarus and the entities operating will have to pay tax. 


The operators of the UK will have to pay a fixed tax rate of 15% on gross income for operating online. However, no taxes have been levied on the players. 

  • USA

Every state in America enacts independent laws regards to gambling businesses and the taxation is mostly applicable for land-based casinos. In a majority of the country, the online casino is prohibited. However, sports betting over the internet is legalized in New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi. Pennsylvania operators pay the highest tax that is 55% and the residents of the US have to pay a tax of 30% on their winning amount. 

South Africa

The problem of online gambling here is still to be solved. The operation, as well as participation, is considered to be illegal. Only horse racing and sports betting are legal. The income tax in Africa is 29% and players have to pay 15% tax on their winnings. 


This country is still to legalize online gambling and there is no perfect taxation system in place in regards to online gambling. 

It is quite clear, that taxation of the online gambling industry is beneficial for the government if the country and will contribute to its economy.


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