What is TDS Controller in a Water Purifier

As buying a water purifier is a need right now, so is knowing about its maintenance, functionality, and other details that you will be dealing with later on.

One of which is a term most of the manufacturers list on their purifier is a TDS controller. Some water purifiers come with a TDS controller, while some don’t.

But what exactly is this and how is it going to effects a water purifier’s productivity remains a question.

So here are all the details you as a consumer should have before buying a water purifier.

The Brief

TDS controller is a simple device that is used to control the TDS of water. The dangers of TDS water are too many to count on fingers. And this makes it essential to have a TDS controller in a water purifier.

If you want to buy a water purifier, you should know that a TDS controller will reduce the TDS of water by 90% to 95%.

So before the water is purified, if the water TDS is 800, it will become almost 80 after the water is filtered, eventually making water healthy and drinkable.

Basically, to measure the total dissolved solids in the water is called TDS, and the device that helps control the proportion is called TDS controller when you buy a water purifier.

You should know that every water’s TDS is different, and hence it becomes mandatory to have a TDS controller. But what exactly is that device and how it works still remains a big of a doubt.

What is a TDS controller, and how it works?

TDS controller is a unit that is beneficial for human health only when used accurately.

It is a manual device that is designed with two water inputs, a TDS controller screw, and one water output.

It has valves that use the water source inside the cleaner to detect and adjust the water TDS.

So whatever the TDS level you will set, depending on the primary source of water you are consuming, the TDS controller will adjust the TDS level.

You should know that oftentimes, to make water drinkable, you will need to both increases and decrease the water TDS.

If you want to reduce the TDS of the drinking water, increase the flow of the input water from the RO membrane, along with reducing the flow of the input water from the Activated Carbon Filter or UF membrane.

But if you want to increase the TDS of your drinking water, then reduce the flow of input water from your water purifier’s RO membrane and increase the flow of input water from the Activated Carbon Filter or UF membrane.

To make it easier for you to buy a water purifier, most of the manufacturers now have added screws to do this. You just need to turn the screw anti-clockwise to increase the TDS level and clockwise to decrease it.

The water purifier you buy will have a TDS controller located inside the purifier with the rest of the water purifier parts.

Why should you buy a water purifier with a TDS controller?

The simple answer to this question is to keep you and your family safe. Drinking healthy purified water from Waterdrop will keep your family safe from consuming contaminated water with harmful metals that are not visible to human eyes.

Since we consume a lot of water in a day, weak, month, year, and a decade, we hardly should consider taking the risk of drinking water that does not meet healthy TDS levels.

The public water systems make use of chlorine to remove the visible dirt os and disinfect the river, canal, or borewell water before they supply it to households.

Chlorine can be highly harmful to kids and most people in generals as well. Also, it can completely get rid of water-born parasites, which TDS controllers can easily do.

Also, consuming unfiltered water can be harmful because of the higher TDS level, such as iron, potassium, sediments, and other essential salts.

The water with accurate TDS tastes natural and satisfying to drink, eventually helping you meet your water targets with ease.

You also don’t really waste any water, making a good choice for the environment too.

However, before you buy a water purifier, we want our readers to know that if your input water TDS is higher than 900 ppm, we do not recommend purchasing a water purifier with a TDS controller.

Instead, you should buy a water purifier with a mineralizer. This is because it can purify water that contains a higher amount of lead and arsenic than water purifiers can’t.

However, the only downside of the mineralizer is that it does not have a TDS level adjustment option.

So if your water does not have a TDS of more than 900 ppm, make sure you have a water purifier with a TDS controller.

The acceptable TDS value of drinking water is approximately 500 mg/litre.


Now that you know what TDS controllers are, we are sure how easier it is to have a complete controller over health if you buy a water purifier with a TDS controller.

Just make sure to frequently keep a check on the TDS level of your water. If any change in it is unhealthy, just turn the screw anti-clockwise to increase the TDS level and clockwise to decrease it.

So buy a water purifier with a TDS controller, and have complete control over your health.

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