What is the difference between Licensed and Non-Licensed Casinos

While searching for casinos or viewing the reviews of particular casinos, you must have come across phrases that say whether it is a licensed or non-licensed casino. But, sometimes you are not sure about the difference between them. Hence, here we are giving you a description of how a licensed casino differs from a non-licensed casino.

Differences between Licensed and Non-Licensed Casinos

Unlike non-licensed casino sites, all the settings of a licensed casino like G club are individually programmed by the individual developers from the developing company. Hence, the casino that owns the software can not temper with the slot machine for their interest. For example, they can not change the percentage of return or modify the software settings of the casino. Instead, the casino can only access the statistics. Moreover, the random number generator of a licensed casino is tested by an independent company, and the computer goes through periodic supervision by the developer.

On each spin or roll in a SCR888 casino player gets an accurate and precise factor of randomness. For this reason, a licensed casino can be identified by looking at the records of its winning odds and the randomness of the occurrence of winnings. Moreover, the governing body testifies each win and loss. Hence, if you lose matches in a row playing in a licensed casino, you will have the satisfaction that your damages were random and a matter of luck.

The winning percentage in non-licensed casinos in very low. It is because the casinos manipulate the settings of the random number generator and make it pay you less. But in a licensed casino not only is this strictly restricted but also kind of impossible since a legal gaming authority checks the setting of the number generator regularly.

Like the number generator, the RGN of licensed casinos is also supervised by the legal gaming authority. The RGN of a licensed casino is locked by the code provided by the gaming authority, and hence the casino can not make any changes without the authorisation noticing it. On the other hand, most of the non-licensed casino websites have open access to their RGN. As a result, they can easily change the RGN settings and pay you less than the actual amount of money.

Identifying a licensed casino no not that difficult. Generally, a licensed casino has legal information such as license number, name of the licensing company, the jurisdiction of the approved, etc. mentioned on their website, mostly in the footer area. On the other hand, non-licensed casino websites do not have any such information. However, a non-licensed casino website may claim to have a Cyprus license or Curacao license. But do not fall prey to this trap as these license providers are mostly biased and provide no authentic certificate about the randomness of RGN.


Now that you have come to know about the differences between a licensed casino and a non-licensed casino and their mode of operation you have realised the seriousness of it and the huge impact it can create in your game. Hence, before you choose a casino, it is very important to check the authenticity and information about the license on this website.


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