What Is The Dragon Tiger Game and How To Play It?

Dragon Tiger is an online game that resembles Baccarat in many ways. Many reviewers say it’s a slimmed-down version of Baccarat and the gameplay is similar to that of Casino War. This game uses traditional symbolism in the forms of a Dragon and Tiger. As you shall read in this guide, the game is very easy to play, and winning is very possible.

The Types of Live Casino Wagers

All you do in this game is guess and betting. You can place your bet on a wide range of possible outcomes. The game’s rules and very easy, but the different types of wagers make the game much exciting. Some wagers increase the risk that’s associated with the best and at the same time, the payout also increases giving you a better chance to win more money.

The first type of wager is to bet on either the Dragon or Tiger. The payout ratio is 1:1, meaning you will get paid the same amount of money you wagered in case you win. You can also bet on Dragon/Tiger Big or Dragon/Tiger Small. In this game, any card with a value of 7 or more is big. On the other hand, any number that’s lower than that is considered small. If you choose this type of bet, the payout ratio is 1:1, so you will get the same amount you wagered.

Then, there is another alternative that is riskier. Punters have to guess the suit of the card that the dealer will deal with on a specific side of the table. This type of wager involves a lot of guessing and mere luck. You have to guess whether the card will be a Diamond, Heart, Spade, or Club. It’s much harder compared to the other two options. However, the main advantage is that the payout ratio is 3:1. This means that in case you win you will get 3 times what you wagered.

The Rules

As stated earlier, this game is very simple to play. The dealer deals with two cards: one of the cards to the Dragon betting side and another one to the Tiger betting side. The one that gets the higher card wins the game. As the punter, your role is to wager on the Dragon, Tiger, or the Tie. As for the cards, you have to be conversant with their values if you want to be advantaged during the game. Aces are the lowest ranking cards and the other cards follow their natural values. The King is the highest card. Regardless of the suit, the highest card wins in Live Dragon Tiger. If there is a tie, which occurs when both sides are dealt with a card of the same value, punters lose 50% of their bet to either the Dragon or the Tiger.

Dragon Tiger Strategy

Dragon Tiger isn’t a complicated casino game. This might make you think that there isn’t any strategy. But, in this game, there are some things you can do or avoid to minimize the potential losses. For starters, you should never back the tie and most especially, the suited tie. Although this option has good odds, it comes with a very harsh house edge. Try to stick with backing either the dragon or tiger. Although the payout ratio is 1:1, the potential risks are lower. You will also get half your stake amount back if there’s a tie. If the game you’re playing has other side bets, try to avoid high or low bets. Instead, work with red or black which has a 1:1 ratio.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a mixture of Baccarat and Casino War. It is a very straightforward game that’s easy to understand. Dragon Tiger is played on a table that has two divisions vertically. One of the sides is the Dragon spot while the other one is the Tiger spot. So, the player bets on either the Dragon or Tiger. However, as mentioned before, you can also bet on a tie. Your main aim is to guess which side, the Dragon or Tiger will have the highest card in terms of value. If you guess right, you win the game and you receive the payout after each winning round. As simple as that!


Dragon Tiger is a fun game and it can be played by anyone. It will especially be loved by players who are fond of games like Baccarat and Casino war. Another reason why this game is worth playing is the fact that you can win a lot of money in it and the chances of losing all your money are low. Luck is the main component in this game because mostly you just have to make guesses on who you think will win. The rules are quite clear and the gameplay is pretty straightforward. Thus, the game isn’t intimidating to newbies, and thanks to the spontaneity it’s not boring to experienced players.


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