What Is The Kawai Upright Piano Price Range?

Kawai is a company that manufactures as well as sells pianos. Some of the pianos that this company manufactures include the Kawai upright piano. What is the price range of these Kawai upright pianos?

The Kawai Upright piano price from £12495 and £32295. Kawai provides a variety of upright pianos from which one may pick based on their need. The options vary from acoustic pianos to digital pianos and even hybrid pianos to choose from.

When it comes to dimensions, most upright pianos have a width of 5 feet or less, which is considered standard. Making a habit of checking your available space is a fantastic idea. In the case of a large amount of room, such as 60 inches or more, fitting an upright piano will be simple.

When purchasing an upright piano, it is important to consider the height of the piano as well. This becomes much more critical when contemplating where you want to put your piano. Examples include placement near a window, under a piece of art, and so on. The majority of Kawai upright pianos stand at 46 inches in height.

How Will You Use Your Kawai Piano?

Kawai upright pianos are available for a variety of purposes and are accessible to everyone. As a consequence of this. When it comes to selecting the kind of piano that you would want to utilize, you have a lot of options. For example, some may be used for a novice, some can be used for a musician, and others can be utilized in a variety of settings including schools, churches, and other organizations. As a result, you have a large number of pianos to choose from depending on your preferences.

Kawai upright pianos for students and professional musicians are available.

There are many upright pianos in the K-series that are made by Kawai, including the K-100. Some of these pianos are designed primarily for students, while others are designed exclusively for professionals in the music industry.

It’s also possible to pick from a variety of different sizes and styles. The sizes vary from 45 to 53 inches in length and width.

The Kawai k300, which is 48 inches in length, is one of the greatest pianos in its category. It is an upright piano that is quite popular right now. It is delivered at an appropriate height and provides pleasing tones. It features a spruce soundboard, which assures that it produces a variety of excellent tones, as well. With this piano, you may create whatever kind of sound you choose, from gentle to reverberating.

In addition, this piano also includes a Millenium III upright action, which is rare in this price range. By using this design, you will be able to get a piano that is very sensitive to your touch.

Kawai Upright Piano for Church and School

As previously said, there is a large selection of upr0gjt pianos from which to pick. Kawai upright pianos are also available in models that are suitable for use in churches and schools. These pianos include the Kawai 506N, Kawai UST9, and Kawai ST1, to name a few examples.

These three pianos have been specially designed to withstand rigorous use and are available in three different sizes. The pianos have a great level of durability and strength, and the producers have assured that they will also survive for a long period while being played.

To facilitate mobility, make certain that the wheels are made of rubber. Additionally, there is a bench, and they are the appropriate height, ensuring that they are accessible to all users.

They are also furnished with sturdy spruce soundboards, which ensure that they are robust and long-lasting. To make these pianos suitable for institutional usage, only high-quality components have been employed throughout the construction process.

Characteristics of the Kawai Piano

Upright pianos are distinguished by several important characteristics. For example, most pianos allow you to play for an extended period without causing any disruption to anybody else.

This function is typically included in non-electric pianos, whether or not they have the option to mute, and it provides you with comfort as well as freedom by allowing you to utilize headphones.

In addition, they include Wireless Bluetooth capabilities and also virtual abilities, which are all useful aspects for the piano.

When it comes to superb acoustic and digital performance, Kawai Hybrid pianos are the best in the business.


Kawai upright pianos are available in a variety of styles and sizes, making them appropriate for a wide range of applications. The Kawai upright piano price ranges from  £12495 to £32295, the price range is reasonable. But the price might vary significantly depending on the kind of piano that you choose as well as its features and specifications. We hope you found this article to be informative.


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