What Makes UK TV The Best In The Business?

Our list of favourite UK TV shows is long and for a good reason. The UK has given us jewels like Doctor Who and the Blackadder. We are on a mission in this article to find out what makes them the best with the king of good times, Betway. Join us as we take a deep dive into the wonderful world of British television and what it is that makes them tick!

Mastery Over Reinvention

Nobody really remakes the wheel. Everything has been done before, and new shows work with the same old formula. The creativity lies in bending and reshaping these as effectively as possible. The British are masters of reinvention, and this is very well documented in the shows they remake.

For example, let us consider the classic farce Fawlty Towers. It is a tale as old as time, a formulaic farce that has been in existence since the beginning of television. Compare this to more modern takes on the genre like Peep Show; you will find that not much has changed. What has changed is the technology, the actors, and the messages. By changing a few things, the British have kept their legacy going strong.

Pioneering Where It Matters

Just because they have kept old ideas alive does not mean there is any shortage of new ones. The golden age of British television comedy was heralded by the arrival of Monty Python’s Flying Circus – which revolutionized comedy as a whole. The British still do that with their television programming to this day.

Think about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Or even The Office. These shows, originally made for a British audience, have been adapted into localized versions the world over – America and India especially have made successful versions of both the shows.

Making Something for Everyone

Television programming depends on catering to audiences of every demographic. No matter what their interests and outlook, all manner of folks should ideally be interested in what the TV channels have to put out. To that end, British TV has succeeded spectacularly. They have something for everyone, and that is a rare thing to achieve.
Think about it. If you’re interested in nature, Planet Earth exists. If you like food and cooking, everything from The Great British Bake Off to Kitchen Nightmares is there to meet your needs. Travel? Look no further than Great Railway Journeys. You’re an automotive enthusiast? Top Gear. There is a huge variety of shows on offer, and there is always something for everyone.

Taking The World By Storm

As we have discussed before, many of the show formats that originated in Britain have now spread far and wide, being adapted and accepted readily by people from all over the world. Look at The Office, which ran for three seasons in the UK but went on for nine in the US! Masterchef began in Britain, but now there’s a Masterchef program in most countries of the world.

This is to say that we are all-consuming and being influenced by British TV every day, even if we don’t know it. They have ensured that the quality of showmanship they have started endures, and the world has embraced everything they have to offer with open arms!


British TV is highly sought after not only due to the quality and quantity but also because of its charm. There are new shows coming out every season and, thanks to the internet, more and more young people are discovering the magic of shows from yesteryear.

The British have an amazing catalogue of shows, and they have endured because their makers were creative enough to make something new and perceptive enough to change with the times. That is what makes UK TV the very best in the business and a model for all to follow.


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