What Raj Shamani Learns about Business, Family and Brands by Experimenting on Himself

Raj Shamani is an experimental speaker, who is more comfortable in trying new things and failing than succeeding at once by following the same process again and again. A second generation entrepreneur that has years of experience of failing, making mistakes but ultimately succeeding in developing small businesses with his inspiring ideas.

Shamani is a young and talented business professional and he has experience working in almost every industry through his speaking engagements and personal interactions. Much of his previous experience comes with working with second-generation business entrepreneurs who are working with their families within a business. Shamani strongly believes in offering the family business mindset even with large corporations. Making sure that a business can offer this type of people-centric service while still utilizing modern ideas, ways heavy in his business experience. By sharing his inspiring story of the way that he helped his father grow his business by 10x within just six months he has been able to reach out to a number of arch partners worldwide with their own business operations.

He can bring a wealth of experience to the business world including support as an educational writer and speaker. He has also been featured on platforms like ABC, FOX, Medium, Yourstory etc. And contributes about his ongoing journey of everyday successes and failures on different platforms and his own Q&A show called Voices. Raj Shamani also hosts his own podcast in which he regularly provides ongoing advice to brands and young upcoming leaders. The title of this podcast is Figuring out with Raj Shamani. Throughout his ongoing affiliations and speaking engagements, he has had the pleasure of working with companies like Babson College and Forbes. Through his educational resources, Raj hopes to reach out to new generations of entrepreneurs vying to innovate with their brands.

As a celebrated speaker, Shamani is a 3-time Tedx speaker. He has been responsible for delivering 100 keynote addresses in 23 different countries at the age of 21. As a regular speaker and presenter, Shamani was appointed as a United Nations representative. With his work at the UN, he represents one of the youngest Indian representatives to ever speak in Vienna.

The majority of his speaking engagements focus on the idea of reaching international audiences, seizing opportunities to become absolute best and skyrocketing growth & sales. He has given speeches on how to become an influencer in the business world as well as how owners can directly profit from their passions by expanding their businesses over time.

With the inspiring words that Raj Shamani can share on various media outlets and within his speaking engagements, he is helping entrepreneurs to stand out in a digital landscape as it is crowded with websites and brands. Sharing some of his own proven strategies and helping people think creatively is exactly the type of inspiration that he can deliver. Through the resources that he has provided, many businesses have assessed the way that they are approaching marketing!

Opportunities in the business world are also a big part of Shamanis inspiration. Knowing when these opportunities may present themselves and being able to take them on with the right expertise is equally important. Raj regularly shares new opportunities on his podcast and throughout the various publications where he contributes. He has been able to share some of his thoughts on opportunities in working with brands like Babson College, Forbes, Jaguar Land Rover, TCS, Reliance and the UN.

A large majority of the presentations delivered by Raj go on to speak about the idea of nuances in growing a business with family. By touching on a series of topics throughout his podcast he has shared some of the stories of working with his own family and treating their business more like a family enterprise. The tips that he has shared to help many second-generation entrepreneurs work in new concepts with first-generation entrepreneurs to spur the growth of their own business future.

As an overall goal, Raj Shamani wants to continue connecting with businesses worldwide and reaching out to new audiences so that they can work at presenting their ideas on a worldwide stage as well. As one of the top five young influencers in India, Raj Shamani is a representation of young entrepreneurs throughout the future of business.

Navigating today’s digital space is not always the easiest in the process but with a dedicated practitioner, it is possible to bridge the gap between various cultures, generations and business ideas. By checking out some of Raj Shamanis work, you may find yourself inspired on assessing new business goals or looking at your marketing solutions in a different way.

For more information, visit: www.rajshamani.com


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