What to Expect From Campus Life

The first year of college is full of ups and downs. For some, it’s their first time away from home, while others have difficulty adjusting to the new environment. Such situations can cause anxiety, stress, and social strain. That’s why knowing what to expect from living on campus is important before getting there. Luckily, we have just what you need — this article will sum up what you can expect from campus life and how to adjust accordingly. So, let’s jump right in.

Managing Academics

Being a freshman carries a lot of responsibility and weight. You’ll need to juggle new experiences, friends, classes, living situations, activities, professors, and much more. While this can be extremely exciting, it can also cause stress. That’s where your management skills need to come out on top and help you adjust to your new academic lifestyle. If you need additional help, you can download campusM, a student university app that will lend an extra hand.

Make sure you create a structure to help you organize your study hours, set goals, and schedule activities. This will help in the long term if you manage to stick to that routine. Remember that college and high school extracurriculars are not the same, so you’ll need to create a balance that will work for you.

Selecting a Major

Choosing a major means focusing on a select group of courses in a particular academic field or subject. Many colleges do not require declaring one until the end of your sophomore year, but deciding what to do for the rest of your life requires time. The first year is the perfect time to settle your sights on something, as you can essentially test-drive a major.

Do that by sitting in a few classes that spark your interest. If you like what you hear, take the next step and talk to the students in the class and ask about the coursework and their expectations. What better way to get a clear image of something than first-hand experience?

Experiencing a Vibrant Social Life

Sharing a room with a stranger for the first time can be challenging. But it helps if you look at it as an adventure. Getting along with your roommates will undoubtedly enhance your college experience, so it’s best to set some boundaries. That way, even if you disagree, you have something to lean on.

Good roommates allow for new and exciting opportunities, like attending seminars and social events, signing up for Zing wellness courses, traveling, studying and researching together, and much more.

Don’t forget to compromise — campus life is not about who’s right or wrong, and such an attitude can bring more harm than good. Discover when to speak up and when to draw the line.

Learning New Things

Although college is primarily about studying, it’s not all about that. Any college graduate will say that it’s much more about the experiences and life lessons you get there than anything else. Campus life is one of the key factors in establishing your persona, as this is where you develop, grow, and are exposed to new things.

So, be open to gaining knowledge of new experiences, and not only in lectures. Take it all in — being surrounded by different people, cultures, languages, and more. If you’re in a multicultural environment, take advantage of it and learn something new, try different cuisines, and maybe even learn a phrase or two in a foreign language. Why not? It’s up to you to discover yourself and see how far you can go.

Accepting Support

Lastly, don’t stray away from support. College is an entirely different experience from high school, and you should go into it with such a state of mind. Learn to accept support from all sides and offer it when you see someone else in need. You can even educate yourself further by reading this article.

Many colleges and universities offer support on campus, so you can discover different ways of helping yourself through such programs. Also, student-led support teams are extremely helpful since many go through the same issues, which should be discussed openly. Make your voice heard; that’s what college is for.


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