What You Need To Know About Olive Skin Tone

While many people know more about various skin tones, the information concerning a skin tone seems much slippery. Many women aren’t familiar with this unique skin tone. There is a lot of information you can learn about skin tones after all, but it is important to have the basics of different skin tones. Generally, people tend to confuse olive with tan, but there is a distinctive thin line that distinguishes these two tones. To clear your concepts regarding olive tone read the complete guide about Olive complexion and get your facts straight. You might be asking why understanding your skin colour is essential. Well, if you understand it, you can make informed makeup and skincare decisions. 

So what is olive skin colour? Well, your skin colour largely relies on your skin undertone. Olive tone is a perfect combination of green tints and neutral pigments. This blend results in a unique olive tone. Light olive tone includes cream to beige hues, and dark olive tones are averagely brown. Olive skin tone is not so common among people and therefore, not many people understand how to care for it.

  • The Fitzpatrick Scale.

The colour of our skin is determined by colour enhancing melanin which is produced by our body. Some people believe that olive skin tone has some bronze complexion, but that is not the case. Just like the other skin tones, the olive tone has as many colours. To know the actual skin colour, scientists came with a called Fitzpatrick. This scale categorises skin colours numerically after they are exposed to the sun. In this scale, skin is found in type IV and V. if you are interested in knowing the exact colour of your skin, tell your dermatologist to get you a Fitzpatrick scale. This is essential as by understanding your real skin tone, you will be able to know how to take care of it by using the right skin products.


  • Olive Skin Problems.

There is no doubt that an olive skin is a unique skin tone, and you are counted among the luckiest being if you have it. It is not a very common skin tone. Who wouldn’t be happy and proud of something no so common among others?  However, the fact that it is a rear skin tone doesn’t imply that it is all party and downsides. Some of the main issues that face people with skin tone include the following; 

  • Oily skin.
  • Discolouration of the skin.
  • Easy tanning.
  • Hyper-pigmentation.

Selecting the Right Foundation.

One of the main admired characteristics of olive skin is how it glows. There is no need to utilise a concealer as just using a foundation which provides the right base for your makeup. Look for the colour of your skin tone, as well, which is ideal for the neutral undertones. Besides, you can go ahead and experiment with cool-toned- foundations. It can look great, as well.

  • Blushes for Olive Tone.

Since olive is somehow a neutral skin colour, you can opt for blushes with pink or peach colours. If you need to achieve a subtly edgy appearance on your face, you can choose a bronze colour. It performs the functions of highlighter and blusher.

  • Eyeshadow for Olive Skin.

Most ladies want to experiment with various colours on their eyelids, but the reality is that not all of them suit them because of their olive skin tone. The best eyeshadows to choose if you have skin colour are gold and bronze. Besides, you can also choose eye-popping shades such as purple, green, blue, etc. 


  • Try Different Lipsticks.

One of the reasons why we say people with olive skin tone are blessed is because they can use many colours on their lips thanks to their neutral undertone. From glossy blights to light mattes, you can experiment with all colours as you want. However, there is one shade that you shouldn’t try completely, and that is ‘nude’ shade. Because you have a neutral base already, choosing nude lips can toe down the entire look.

  • Highlighter and Contours.

While your skin tone is already naturally highlighted, adding something more won’t hurt. You can highlight the high points and also contour your face using a light highlighter. However, be warned when applying it; do not overdo lest you get a plastic-like appearance.


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