WhatsApp is Launching WhatsApp Business App: Know Details, How it Works & Where to Get the Apk File

Whatsapp – the messaging platform is in talks that it is creating its Business App. There are many reports spilled on the internet earlier about the Whatsapp Business app and now the report from Android Police states that Whatsapp for Business App is in Testing Stage. According to the report, People who have registered for the Whatsapp Business app are only eligible to test the new Business Application of Whatsapp.

APK File of Whatsapp Business App

The APK file of Whatsapp Business App is available for download. The APK file of Business App of Whatsapp is only for those who have registered for the same. The new Whatsapp business app is being tested by early testers. Whatsapp – The Facebook-owned messaging platform will release Whatsapp Business App officially very soon. With the new Business app of Whatsapp, the user will be able to manage its personal and business Whatsapp Account.

Who Can Test The Whatsapp Business App

According to the blog post of Whatsapp, it is clearly mentioned that Whatsapp is testing the new too through a closed Pilot Program. If anyone is interested to test the new Whatsapp Business tool they have to fill a survey. After that Whatsapp will reach you out if they expand the testing program. It is clearly mentioned that this doesn’t mean that you will get early access to the new tool of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Business App – How It Works

1. If a person wants a Whatsapp Business Account then he first needs to register for the Whatsapp Business App. After Successful registration user needs to transfer all the Business contacts from contact list to Whatsapp Business.
2. If a user wants to use Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business separately for Business and Personal purpose then a user can use it in separate phones. This is a simple and easy option. For this user will have to download Whatsapp Business on the separate phone and download the Official Whatsapp App on another phone.
3. If you see a green icon or a green badge next to any contact name then it simply means that Whatsapp has verified the phone number. In case if you want to stop any business contacting you, you can simply block them.
Source – India Today



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