This New WhatsApp Feature Will Let You Make Voice & Video Calls in a Group | Check Details

Whatsapp is one of the most used apps in anyone’s smartphone out there and there is a reason for that. Whatsapp has successfully managed to replace conventional messaging apps to a point that we hardly ever use our standard messaging app for purposes other than the OTP. The Facebook-owned instant messaging app Whatsapp has provided new features time and again to keep the app at the heart of its user’s attention.

This time though the feature that Whatsapp brings may end up revolutionising how we make video calls to our loved ones. Whatsapp is bringing its new feature group video and voice calls to the already super functional app so you can make calls to more than one person at a time.

Group Voice and Video calls: Whatsapp’s new feature

Group video and voice calls as Whatsapp’s new feature will enable the users to make calls to more than one person at a time. This new feature of Whatsapp ensures that more users are part of the same conversation simultaneously without the need of having to brief them individually on voice or video calls. Imagine being a part of a large family with more than one people away for Christmas. A situation like this will be more human with Whatsapp’s new feature when two people can be a part of the same call and have a same simultaneous conversation than video calling two people on different occasions.

Launch date of Group Video and Voice Call new features on Whatsapp

Last week Whatsapp announced a new feature that its Android and iOS users will now be able to share their real-time location with their loved ones. Just a week after that we have news that Group video and voice calls are in a testing stage on Whatsapp. The current set of new features are being tested and will soon land on the beta versions of the app.

Expect a global roll out sometime in the coming months. It is believed that the Group Voice call feature will roll out before the Group Video call feature will go live on Whatsapp. The new group video and voice calling features need a lot of more development at this stage and will come to the average users at a later date.

Source: Independent


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