Whatsapp Launches “Delete For Everyone” Feature in Chats | Here’s How it Works

Have you ever sent a message that you regretted later? What if there was a new WhatsApp feature which could ‘unsend’ that message and it no longer appeared in the receiver’s chat? Well, there is a way that you can recall your messages and delete it from someone else’s chat on WhatsApp. This functionality is not a trick or gimmick but an official new feature on Whatsapp as a part of the new update. The new WhatsApp feature is being tested and will be rolled out globally soon.

 The new ‘delete for everyone’ feature in new Whatsapp Update explained in detail:

The new ‘delete for everyone’ feature allows you to recall your message and it will no longer be available in the receiver’s chat either. This is applicable on text, audio, photos, gif, or even videos as well. However, if the receiver has already seen your message you won’t be able to unsend it.

This new feature by Whatsapp will be really helpful when you have sent someone a message to fix up a meeting and you want to change the timings. The new feature of WhatsApp is also handy when you say something offensive to someone in the middle of an argument and regret it immediately. We stress it enough that it is all possible if the receiver has not seen the message already.

Other new features introduced in the new Whatsapp update:

It has been a busy few months for the developers at Whatsapp as the instant messaging app has announced a couple of revolutionary features in just a matter of weeks. The new feature called location sharing was revealed two weeks ago which enabled the user to share their location with their loved ones. Another new feature from Whatsapp that came to light recently was the Group Video Calling and Voice calling functionality where the user can make a video call to more than one person at a time.

Now the company’s latest new feature ‘delete for everyone’ allows you to delete the messages that you have sent to someone and want to ‘unsend’. These messages will be deleted from the receiver’s phone also with no trace of it being sent in the first place. There is no way you can get out of it if the receiver takes a screenshot of the original message though. This new feature by Whatsapp is already live for some people and will soon be available for everyone.

Source: Gadgets NDTV


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